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Accelerated Efficiency

Review large amounts of data accurately and efficiently with Reveal’s intuitive user interface. Dramatically reduce project startup time with easy to use case templates that include default project settings to accommodate your case needs.

Minimize keystrokes and shorten the UI learning curve with the industry’s best user experience. Easily eliminate low value data so you can maximize your review resources.


Foreign Language Ready

Detects and translates 160 different business languages including the identification of up to three languages per document.

Reveal offers the flexibility for you to change the language within the review interface so you can review documents in your native language.


Image Recognition & Labeling

Reveal's modern image detection technology leverages machine learning to automatically identify and apply descriptive labels to images. These descriptions can easily be used to facilitate image search and filter eliminating the time consuming process of manually reviewing every image.

With Reveal’s Image Labeling, you can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with the image review process.

Audio & Video Transcription

Reveal’s review platform gives you the ability to automatically transcribe audio and video files into searchable text enabling your review team to easily search these traditionally problematic file types.

You can rapidly identify potentially high-value content while significantly reducing the manual effort associated with media file review.

Reveal’s transcription feature can also enable you to effortlessly follow synchronized text while watching or listening to depositions.


Active Learning

Document coding decisions can be used to inform AI models with zero extra effort. Reveal can automatically uncover similar documents with key facts earlier on in the review process. The newly identified high value data can then be automatically prioritized for attorney review within the queue.

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