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Reveal Hold

Simplified and defensible
legal hold

With an easy to use interface, create a defensible and automated legal hold process to reduce case management overhead.

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Preservation and Project Administration

Initiate in-place legal hold of select data from modern data sources with our advanced tool designed for legal and IT professionals. Reveal Hold simplifies preserving data for investigations or litigation matters, enabling you to run searches, filter results, and manage legal holds efficiently. We support data integration from various collaboration platforms and enhance project security through robust management features.

Instantly preserve data at the source for legal investigations or matters with a single click
Utilize simple keyword searches or apply date range filters to specifically target data relevant to a legal case
Conduct keyword searches, including OCR text, and generate detailed reports for exhibits and video clips, enhancing evidence analysis and management


When the time is right, collect only the data you need for an investigation or litigation.

Connect and collect data from commonly used sources including O365, MS Exchange, Google Mail, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, and many others
Run simple keyword searches and/or apply date range filters prior to collection to reduce the data to be processed and reviewed for a legal matter
Streamline the legal hold workflow by automatically gathering and storing identified files in a target folder specified by the data requestor


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

How does the in-place preservation feature benefit my legal workflow?
What integrations are supported for data preservation?
What measures are in place to ensure the security of collected data?

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