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Industry leading AI, analytics, and visualization combine to dramatically increase your speed, improve your efficiency, and deliver excellent results.

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Make smarter, faster,
more informed decisions

Benefit from a multiplier-effect

Any one of Reveal's analytical and visualization capabilities is powerful on its own. However, we go much further, including all these capabilities as integral parts of one comprehensive platform. You can select a single feature or use two, three, or more capabilities together to get richer results.

Sweat the details

Every picture is interactive. Need a minute-by-minute timeline? Want to go down to the twelfth-level cluster? Need to narrow the Communications Map to messages a key custodian sent from her work email address to her home one? You get that detail of analysis and more.

Tell me something I don't know

When you first start working on a lawsuit or investigation, what you don't know vastly exceeds what you do. To help you get the lay of the land, Reveal does the heavy lifting to create visual maps composed of many layers of analytical nuance. Need greater granularity? Our sophisticated searching capabilities — from Reveal Query Language (RQL) to Ask — help lighten your data's darkest shadows.

Find more like this

Sometimes, you only need the best examples to illustrate a particular point. Other times, you need to find the most complete set of responsive documents available. Whether you are looking for just one more example or need to compile a complete set, Reveal's AI models, supervised learning, and robust workflows can get you where you need to be.

Get there fast

You get outstanding speed to insight with point-and-client interactive data visualizations, easy-to-use Advanced Search, AI models, additional analytical capabilities, and lightning-fast search.

Get the full picture

Reveal's data visualizations offer a comprehensive overview of your data, highlighting timelines, gaps and document theme clusters through an interactive wheel. They give you quick insight into communication networks, help you explore top concepts visually, and let you map metadata values to display relationship strengths in a user-friendly grid.

A breathtakingly rich set of analytical
and visualization capabilities

AI-driven analytics

Reveal's AI-driven analytical capabilities empower you to swiftly navigate through the noise and concentrate on what matters most to you. Use our ready-made AI models, employ custom AI models tailored to your specific needs, leverage Reveal's advanced supervised learning techniques, and more. These tools allow you to go beyond mere text, uncovering the emotional subtleties within the content. Additionally, with features like AI-Driven Batches, you can accelerate your data analysis process, making your workflow more efficient and insightful.

AI-driven batches
AI models and supervised learning
Seven types of emotional intelligence

Analytics-enhanced search

Reveal's search functionality is enhanced by AI and analytics, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities. Use Reveal Query Language (RQL) for crafting complex searches swiftly and reliably. Go beyond simple text searches to include metadata, concepts, and more, all within a single query. Further elevate your search experience with Ask, Reveal's innovative generative AI search tool, setting a new standard in finding precisely what you need.

Combined concept, text, metadata searches
Advanced search with Reveal Query Language
Ask for brilliant search and breakthrough GenAI search results

Visual analytics

Reveal's standard-setting responsive data visualizations bring the platform's analytical capabilities and the work you've done using them into focus, putting words and numbers into quickly and easily digested pictures.

Transparent concept search with Brain Explorer
Cluster Wheel, Communications Analysis, Heatmap
Point-and-click filtering in the dashboard and elsewhere

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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