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Revolutionizing eDiscovery with ground-breaking generative AI

Elevate your practice with the power of AI. Ask is Reveal's groundbreaking generative AI search tool designed to revolutionize how lawyers and other legal professionals interact with their eDiscovery platform at every stage. With Ask, we bring the art back to discovery.

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Brilliant search

With Ask, express your searches in everyday language. No need to guess at effective keywords, formulate complex Boolean searches, or have reviewers read huge numbers of documents to find key facts within critical documents. Ask is designed to grasp the way you naturally think and phrase questions.

Pose questions using everyday language
Unleash the power of enhanced semantic search
Find the specific content you want, not just a document list

Breakthrough generative AI search results

Ask leverages AI-powered search capabilities, surpassing last-generation tools by generating concise, human-readable summaries. Use Ask to get precise, targeted results in answer to your questions. This innovation helps case teams efficiently evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of their inquiries.

Rapidly learn more about your matter
Simultaneously sum up and dig deep
Use More Details to get even richer responses


Ask is built for precision, returning targeted results in answer to your questions. Guided by your clear, targeted questions and instructions and working only with the data you choose, Ask ranks your documents, summarizes key responsive content, and delivers crisp, natural language answers.

Get results tightly fitted to the questions you ask
Narrow your dataset first, then use Ask for targeted results
Get prioritized, semantically similar source documents and references


Ask not only finds answers for you but shows you where those answers come from. With every response, you get a clear list of sources ranked by how closely they match your question. This way, you can easily check the facts for yourself, verifying how Ask came up with its answers.

With each response, get a list of source documents with links
For each source, see the snippets of text used by Ask to prepare its response
At any time during your session, download a complete list of questions, answers, sources, and more


Ask is an integral part of Reveal, not a separate application or an add-on capability. You can navigate seamlessly between Ask and all the other features included in Reveal, combine Ask with capabilities such as reusable AI models, and save Ask’s results as a search to use later.

Mix and match capabilities for powerful results
Easily move between Ask and all Reveal's other features
Benefit from Ask's full integration with the entire Reveal platform

Focused on your data

You choose the data Ask uses for its responses. Point Ask at an entire dataset or even just one custodian. Either way, Ask limits its response to the information it finds, staying within the confines of your matter.

Query your entire database for broad overviews and quick insights
Never worry that Ask will turn for answers to information outside your database
Narrow your dataset with keyword or other searches, then use Ask for targeted results


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

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Do I need to worry about hallucinations?

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