Reveal Acquires Onna
Reveal for Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment
made real

Rapidly explore large volumes of unstructured data using interactive visualizations and patented concept searching technology.

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Gain critical insights immediately
to assess risks and reduce costs

Get actionable insights stat

From the moment your data is in the platform, take advantage of Reveal's interactive visualizations, patented concept search technology, and other intuitive features to start understanding what your data is telling you.

Put the “early” back into ECA

Make data-driven decisions starting day one, assess risks earlier on, develop more robust strategies, and build a more defensible process. No need to wait for additional processes to run, build extra workflows, or rely on add-on capabilities.

Get there faster with AI

Reveal's AI does the heavy lifting before you ever look at the data, running your data through an extensive set of operations so that you can take advantage of the full array of Reveal's capabilities as soon as you start working with the data.

Go wide and go deep

Early in a case, you need to see the big picture to begin developing a strategy and assign resources. Because of the prep work Reveal automatically does on your data, you can go wide and go deep as soon as you need to, without days, weeks, or months of work.

Find problems before they get too big

Realize the often-unachievable promise of early case (and early data) assessment. Bring hidden problems to the surface while you still have time to address them — before too much time has passed, too much money has been spent, and too many doors have closed.

Save time and money

The earlier you learn what your matter really is about, the more time and money you will be able to save across the EDRM life of your matter. Free up resources to focus on what really matters most in your lawsuit or investigation.

More features than you’ve ever had to start fast, sweep wide, and dig deep

Early insights from Ask

Ask, Reveal's groundbreaking generative search AI tool, is available to use as soon as you have data in the platform. Designed to grasp the way you naturally think and phrase questions, Ask lets you express your searches in everyday language. Built for precision, Ask promptly returns results with concise, human-readable summaries.

Brilliant search
Breakthrough generative AI search results

The full power of Reveal’s AI

Perform deep analysis quickly with the power of Reveal's AI. Deploy pre-built AI models from Reveal to push the highest scoring content to the front of the queue. Fire up your own reusable AI models — ones you built earlier — at the beginning of a new matter. Create new classifiers, train new models, and have them up and running in minutes.

Use Reveal's pre-built AI models to deprioritize junk
Build your own reusable AI models to capture your proprietary workflows
Create new classifiers on the fly, to meet every-changing needs

Reveal’s analytics and visualizations

ECA works best when assessment is strongest. From the earliest moment, tap into the full sweep of Reveal's artificial intelligence, data analytics, and data visualizations — all included in the platform.

Dashboard, Clusters, Communications, Heatmap, and Grid views
Concept search, supervised learning, and more
AI transcription, translation, and image labeling, and more

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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