AI Pledge

"Reveal pledges to follow the responsible use of data when developing AI models – employing trustworthy practices, knowledgeable practitioners, and secure methodologies."





We never use client data for AI models without explicit permission from the client

By default, we do not use client data when we build AI models. We only use client data if we first have obtained explicit permission from the client. To obtain explicit permission, we provide an authorized client representative with information sufficient for the client to make a well-considered decision. In return, the client provides us with explicit and unambiguous written consent.



We build AI models using knowledgeable and trained professionals 

To build AI models, we use professionals who are knowledgeable about and trained in the construction of AI models. Professionals can obtain the requisite knowledge and training in various ways. Examples include platform-specific certification programs, academic programs, and on-the-job experience. Likewise, professionals can demonstrate that they have the required expertise in various ways, such as by presenting certifications, providing portfolios of models, or submitting test results.



We use security measures tailored to the privacy needs of those whose data was used in creating models

Responsible use of data when developing AI models encompasses constructing and securing AI models in ways that respect and protect the privacy needs of data owners. While specific privacy needs will vary, when we build AI models, we ascertain what data owner privacy needs apply to a specific model. We then determine and apply reasonable security measures to protect those needs.


AI Pledge Committee

Meet the Reveal AI Pledge Committee. This committee is responsible for developing the AI Pledge, promoting its adoption, and advocating for the responsible use of data when developing AI models. 

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