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Reveal for Law Firms

Don’t just meet your clients’ expectations, exceed them

Your clients expect the highest quality representation. Give them even better with the industry’s most innovative all-in-one platform, optimized for eDiscovery in disputes and investigations.

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Take your practice
to a new level

Enhance and expand your practices

Convert your lawyers' hard-won legal expertise into quickly deployable AI models and workflows. Use these to get a jump on the next lawsuit or investigation, strengthen relationships with clients, and develop new offerings and lines of business.

Draw on unparalleled power

Take advantage of the power of Reveal's robust and comprehensive discovery platform, whether you're working with two hundred documents or two million. Prioritize key content quickly. Drill down to locate critical details using whatever combination of interactive visuals, AI-enhancers, and advanced searching works best for you.

Get the full picture of your matter, quickly

With state-of-the-art AI, analytics, visualizations, highly adaptable workflows, and robust reporting, you can get the literal and figurative picture of your lawsuit or investigation as soon as you put data into the system.

Power, speed, and richness of capabilities you and your clients will love

Effortless AI, empowering you throughout

In Reveal, AI enhances your experience at every turn, streamlining the way you find and interact with content. It simplifies tasks such as converting images to text (OCR), translating text, transcribing audio, identifying document languages, detecting duplicate content, and organizing email threads. Beyond these functionalities, the AI also responds to your queries, identifies content with significant emotional insights, ranks documents by their importance, and provides additional support to refine your workflow.

Core to the platform, not an add-on or plugin
Pervasive, available throughout the platform
One comprehensive price, no extra charges

Dynamic search at lightning speed

Reveal offers a wealth of lightning-fast search capabilities that help you find critical information fast. Take advantage of point-and-click searching, build highly complex searches quickly, and save your searches to use again later or share with others. Search, evaluate the results, and search again — so quickly you don't even lose your train of thought.

Convert a list of terms to a table and see result counts immediately
Combine keywords, metadata, concepts, and more into a single search
Prioritize documents in seconds with AI models


Reveal is committed to ensuring the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your data. The Reveal platform is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified; and when you use our SaaS, client data is housed in data centers with ISO/IEC 27001, SCO 1/2/3, and FedRAMP level controls.

Client data is encrypted using open-source industry-standard technologies
Reveal maintains separate regional environments providing data locality assurance
To assure availability, client data is replicated to multiple data centers within region

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