Reveal Acquires Onna
Reveal for Legal Service Providers

Your ultimate eDiscovery
platform and partner

Leverage the power of Reveal to solve your clients' data challenges. No matter how complex or simple, small or large, accelerated or drawn out your clients' matters might be, you can serve them better with Reveal.

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Together we go places

Deliver exceptional quality and capabilities

Tap into the power of Reveal's industry-leading, AI-powered platform. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our offering to ensure you have the very best set of capabilities to meet your clients' investigative, litigation, compliance, audit, risk, and other eDiscovery needs.

Build your future with us

Use our platform to your advantage. Convert your hard-earned domain expertise into bespoke AI models that accelerate and expand the services you offer to clients. Create custom models for your clients, further enhancing your value to them. Use our automation tools to optimize your workflows for better performance and efficiency.

Lean on us

The better you understand and take advantage of our platform, the greater your success. We are there to support you every step of the way with carefully planned onboarding, extensive training, dedicated custom success personnel, 24/7/365 customer support, and an eagerness to hear what we can do better for you.

The only eDiscovery platform
purpose-built for in-house

The freedom to choose

Your clients have a wide range of wants, expertise, resources, and budgets, so you need the ability to tailor solutions to fit different circumstances. Reveal offers you freedom of choice — the freedom to choose where the platform runs, which features you make available to clients, how your clients engage with the platform, and how you structure pricing.

Run the platform on our cloud or yours, on-premises, as hybrid, or mobile
Access to both Logikcull self-service and Reveal robust AI-powered platforms
All-in pricing from Reveal

Capabilities for every stage of your clients’ matters

We equip you with tools to support your clients from the beginning of their matters to the end. Search and analyze data in place, then hold and collect only the data that needs to be reviewed. Send notices, apply holds, and collect information from any modern data source. Use a lightweight solution to quickly cull or a comprehensive AI-powered one for larger, more complex matters.

Live EDA and Reveal Hold to search, analyze, collect, preserve in place
Trial Director for presentations at hearings, trials, and more
Logikcull and Reveal to process, review and analyze with all range of matters search and analyze petabytes of data

All in on AI with us

Our differentiator can be yours. We introduced custom AI model building and the AI Model Library to eDiscovery. Join the growing number of legal services providers taking advantage of our cutting-edge technology to disrupt the space, deliver faster, and develop new revenue streams.

Construct bespoke AI models clients can use to meet their specific needs
Build your own custom AI models to optimize workflows you use for clients
Use Reveal's pre-built AI models for data clean up, harassment detection, and the like

We make your
use case ours.




Subpoena Response

Early Case Assessment

Information and Data Requests

Legal Holds

Analytics and Visualizations

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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