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Reveal Academy provides on-demand, self-paced product training and certification and non-certification courses — all designed to teach you how to get the most out of our technology. Using an interactive, hands-on approach to learning, we empower our users to maximize the value of Reveal's technologies.

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Non-Certification Courses

Reveal offers a series of free non-certification courses that train you on specific feature sets and product use cases. These courses are approximately 20 to 30 minutes long and include knowledge checks to reinforce what you’ve learned.

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Certification Courses

Reveal offers a number of online certification courses for each of the major functions of both Reveal and Brainspace. Get certified on the most advanced AI powered end-to-end eDiscovery solutions in the industry.

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Reveal Academy's membership program rewards and recognizes professionals who earn multiple Reveal user certifications.

Be recognized as an industry expert in Reveal technologies and receive exclusive membership benefits. The more certifications you earn, the closer you are to reaching the next membership level. It's time to level-up and show off your Reveal technology expertise!

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Membership levels

4+ active certifications
6+ active certifications
8+ active certifications
Points to spend on Reveal Academy Merchandise on the new Reveal Marketplace.
Recognized on social media with your peers.
Receive a special membership badge to place in your corporate email signature along with a Reveal branded gift.
Recognized on social media with your peers and at Reveal sponsored tradeshows.
Exclusive access to new courses before they're made available to the general public.
Individually recognized on social media and at Reveal sponsored tradeshows.
Early access to new features and the opportunity to provide product feedback directly to the Reveal Product Team.

Time to renew your certification?

All Reveal and Brainspace certifications are valid for 24 months from the issue date. If your certification is set to expire within the next 60 days, follow our simple online self-service renewal process to keep your certification active.

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