Reveal Acquires Onna

Why Reveal

Power. Flexibility. Choice. With the industry's most advanced and comprehensive set of AI-driven solutions, Reveal delivers you an unprecedented ability to achieve your goals better, faster, and cheaper.

All in on AI

Leading AI in eDiscovery and investigations since 2008.

Flexible Solutions

Suitable for customers and matters of every type and size, our offerings include Reveal and Logikcull, available as SaaS, customer-managed cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and mobile solutions.

Security and Compliance

We remain committed to the confidentiality and integrity of your data with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications.

We are all in on AI

With Reveal's AI, you can translate and transcribe content across multiple languages — even change the interface's language. You can also easily search through pictures or content, explore concepts, and find emotional nuances. With access to a wide array of deep learning, natural language processing, and supervised/unsupervised learning capabilities integrated into a single platform, you can now realize the best of what AI offers.

And we’re not resting on our laurels. We continue to deepen and broaden our AI offerings with innovative tools like Ask, Reveal's first generative AI feature. Ask lets you pose questions about your data using the same language you would use during a deposition. Ask returns a narrative answer with supporting materials. Because Ask fully integrates into Reveal, little as one click you can filter responses and explore vast amounts of content using the full array of Reveal’s capabilities.

We offer you freedom of choice

Clients come in all shapes and sizes, with a broad range of resources, expertise, and needs. With Reveal, you have the freedom to choose where and how our platform runs. You can select the power and convenience of using our global cloud infrastructure. You can run Reveal in a customer-managed cloud. You can operate it via mobile or at a data center of your choice.

You have the freedom to choose how you engage with our platform. If you want a fast, efficient, and straightforward DIY option, Logikcull is there for you. If you need the power the develop and deploy complex workflows, you can turn to Reveal. With direct subscriptions, you can maintain tight control over where your content goes and who has access to it, and you can take advantage of the benefits that long-term agreements offer. If you go through one of our channel partners, you can avail yourself of the services they offer to manage the platform for you and handle your content as needed.

You have the freedom to choose a pricing package that is convenient to you. Our flexible commercial packages let you choose the combination of legal software solutions that best suits your needs and budget. And if you still need something different, we have an extensive network of channel partners who we are happy to match you with.

We provide unparalleled capabilities

Through our intuitive self-service platform, organizations with limited internal resources can handle more work in-house. We create and expand our technology platform with your needs in mind. We incorporate the best technologies in our platform — ones we build ourselves, ones we obtain through acquisitions, and ones we develop through partnerships. We do this to ensure you have the best capabilities available to meet your eDiscovery challenges.

A comprehensive suite that covers the full EDRM lifecycle

From information governance to review and presentation

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) lifecycle is a framework that outlines the processes involved in managing electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, in legal cases. The EDRM is designed to help legal teams manage the complex process of collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronic documents in a structured and efficient manner. You can use Reveal at every stage of this lifecycle, from information governance to presentation.

Simplify your project, custodian and evidence tracking.

Reveal enables quick and easy identification of relevant case information, with full management and tracking capabilities in one dashboard.

Quickly and easily manage your holds

Manage legal holds, questionnaires, escalations, reminders, and enforcements in one system that provides discrete communications.

Automated connectivity to enterprise cloud and on-prem data sources

Reveal recently acquired Onna, an elite technology company with robust data connectors to expand eDiscovery, investigations, governance and compliance workflows.

Control all your data sources

Transform raw data from over 900 file types into meaningful insights faster with scalable processing power.

Our intuitive interface means you can even upload files yourself, and get to work faster.

Convert complex data types

Manage legal holds, questionnaires, escalations, reminders, and enforcements in one system that provides discrete communications.

Interactive visualizations for rapid exploration

Explore your data with precision and speed with Reveal's interactive and interconnected data visualizations.

Reduce the noise using Reveal’s Dashboard. Filter out low value content by time, custodian, or file type, and quickly zoom in on potentially relevant data. Evaluate documents with higher predictive scores to find hidden connections between relevant content and other metadata. Rapidly explore large volumes of data at a zero state to find topics of interest.  

Easily find key clusters of documents and analyze their context to confirm relevance. Isolate and deprioritize low value clusters for document review.

Simplified supervised learning workflows

Creating a custom AI Model in Reveal is as easy as creating a tag. Build your custom models using AI Driven Batches that intelligently select documents to accelerate the training process.  

Evaluate the effectiveness of your model after each training round and use interactive simulations to decide how long to train.Use 30+ pre-built AI Models from the only AI Model Library in the industry.  

Apply these models at any time to help jumpstart the identification of relevant content. Use Reveal’s accurate predictive scores to prioritize document review and to help you categorize documents based on specific human behavior or wrongdoing.

Get more done with fewer clicks

Reveal is the most comprehensive document review platform with the flexibility and scale to manage any legal matter regardless of size and scope.

With so many options available to accelerate and prioritize review, you need a review tool that seamlessly provides search, filtering, and document organization features that enable you to efficiently manage the entire process from batching to production.

You'll be in total control

Manage legal holds, questionnaires, escalations, reminders, and enforcements in one system that provides discrete communications.

Trial presentations that win cases

Streamline your pre-trial, trial, mediation, and other litigation related presentations with Trial Director.

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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