Reveal Acquires Onna
Reveal for Artificial Intelligence

All in on AI

Reveal is the leader in legal and compliance AI, delivering breakthrough technology that turns disparate data into meaningful insights.

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Beyond mere words to deeper meaning

Enhance your review

Use the power of AI to search previously inaccessible content, locate potentially important files you might never find using traditional methods, and push the highest-value documents to reviewers first.

There’s an AI Model for that

With out-of-the-box pre-built AI models and reusable AI models you build yourself, prioritize millions of documents in almost no time. Push critically important content to the front of the queue and send useless documents to the end of the line, saving time and money so you can focus on the information that matters most.

Create an AI model library of your own

Capture your hard-earned workflows as rapidly repeatable processes encapsulated in reuseable AI models. Load those models to your own proprietary AI model library, put them into action, and improve the quality and speed of what you do — and maybe even create a new service line.

Find the details in your data

With Reveal's AI-enabled approaches, get past the document level to specific content that helps you find details you need to build the story you want to tell. In seconds, get back search results with concise, human-readable summaries. With each response, get a ranked list of sources so you can verify the accuracy and reliability of the answers.

Packed with AI-powered differentiators

Tap into Reveal's extensive array of transparent, accurate, and defensible AI-powered differentiators. Enhance data with transcription, translation, image labeling, email threading, native redaction, and more. Better explore and understand data with capabilities such as AI models, generative AI, concept search, sentiment analysis, and supervised learning.

Search better, faster, cheaper

Move beyond traditional keywords and embrace the power AI brings to search. In a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) required with legacy approaches, find data that eluded you before and tease out meaning you never knew was there.

Packed with Powerful,
Practical AI features

Make the inaccessible reachable

Dreading the prospect of listening to hundreds — or thousands — of hours of audio files to find the ten-second clip that matters? Unable to read Czech? Trying to find signs of mold or mildew in scads of construction photos? Reveal's AI-enabled capabilities make this otherwise inaccessible content easily useable.

Transcribe video and audio files
Detect and classify content in images
Translate content from one language to another

Enhance your search

Search like never before, harnessing the power that natural language processing and other AI-driven capabilities put at your disposal. Find nuance, depth, and details that keyword search alone couldn't deliver.

Find, explore, and visualize concepts and their relationships
Cluster groups of thematically-related documents
Assess the emotional content of documents

Visualize your data

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a dynamic picture of your data must be worth a thousand times more.

Start with the AI-powered dashboard — a visual overview of your data
Switch to AI-driven Communications or Clusters views
Use the Brain Explorer to view, arrange, and apply weights to concepts

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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