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Reveal helps you make informed decisions with litigation, investigations, compliance, and business data solutions.
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Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing options through Reveal are available on premises or in the cloud.

Same Time Scalability

Reveal allows for expansion of users, storage and processing same time, to quickly respond to changing business needs.

Global Community

We support our clients, and their Reveal installations, from our offices in the United States and Ireland.

Industry Leaders

Experience the difference when your technical support is provided by the innovative developers of the software.

eDiscovery Software from Reveal

Reveal works where you need it:
In the cloud, on premise,
or a hybrid solution of both.

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eDiscovery Software from Reveal

Available as installed software or through a hosted environment and accessible to users everywhere

Cross-browser compatibility means that Reveal can be used at work, at home, or on a tablet. This mobility allows you to make the best use of your time, and gives you access to information wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Affordable and Flexible eDiscovery Software

For litigation support in a cross-browser compatible environment

Using an installation or through a hosted service, it is built by leading-edge technologists and industry experts, the software adapts to the diverse needs of the industry.


Control Litigation Costs and Improve Efficiency

Offering innovative software for the litigation support industry

The team of technologists who design and develop our platform are the same people who support it. Direct feedback from our users drives development, and lead directly to new features in every new development release.


Start Improving Your ROI With Technology

Software for law firms, corporations, and other service providers around the globe

Reveal is available via a secure hosted SaaS environment through any of our service providers, or an installation subscription on-premise.

Data Centers Located on Five Continents

Your data can be hosted, supported and accessed anytime, around the globe.

Onsite/Remote Data Collection

Data Minimization

Data Processing

Data Hosting

Document Productions

Predictive Coding*

*Expert Application of Technology-Assisted Review Tools

Cases Are Won In Discovery – Use Every Advantage

While this is not a new observation, it takes on a new meaning when dealing with eDiscovery. InControl puts you in control of your data.

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