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Reveal for Legal Holds

Legal hold made simple

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and start to streamline your notices, reminders, and tracking. Reveal transforms your process by creating a single source of truth for data preservation and collections so you can get back to focusing on what matters.

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Your one-stop shop for legal hold management

Issue a hold instantly

Add your custodians, select your data sources, pick your templates, and go! From there, reminders and tracking become fully automatic.

Collaborate easier

Quickly notify non-custodian data owners, IT, or other stakeholders about your holds. Need to assign tasks to IT or Forensics for imaging phones or laptops? No problem.

Preserve in place

Speed up legal holds and increase defensibility by issuing the legal hold notice and preserving custodian data from the same place.

Start discovery fast

When a hold transforms into a full-blown investigation or litigation, you can easily collect data from the same data sources you preserved and promote it for review through a single, automated workflow.

Leave reminders to us

Forget about unreliable manual tracking and reminders. Reveal lets you schedule reminders throughout the matter's life, and release holds with a click.

Track all your holds

With Reveal’s comprehensive dashboards and reports, you can get all the information you need for matters, holds, custodian statuses, preservations, and collections.

The only eDiscovery platform
purpose-built for in-house

Get a hold out in no time and lock your most relevant data

Reveal makes sending notices or setting stealth custodians a breeze. Our one-click preservation workflow lets you automate the process, regardless of the number of custodians or data sources.

Automate notices and preservation
Consolidate legal hold management
Embrace intuitive management dashboards and analytics

Instantly identify custodians and stay informed of changes

Adding custodians takes seconds using integrations with Active Directory and common HRIS platforms. Employee changes are tracked and reportable, and in-house counsel can be automatically informed.

Reduce case management overhead
Simplify custodian and evidence tracking
Streamline operations to eliminate the need for additional resources

Designate access and actions across regions or departments

Multiple data source tenants? Global organization? Various teams that manage holds? No problem. Reveal is designed to allow you to review notices, preservations, and collection before they’re executed.

Mitigate risk by controlling user access and actions
Boost efficiency and provide secure data handling processes
Accelerate eDiscovery by automating workflows across the EDRM lifecycle

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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