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Data Processing & Production

Data processing and document production designed for scalable simplicity. Rapidly transform collected data into searchable text for analysis and review.

Flexible, drag and drop processing supports over 900+ file types
Robust configuration options that can accommodate complex data types
Generate document productions based on any third-party specification

Interactive Visual Analytics & Concept Search

Find what’s below the surface of your data or remove the noise by using seamlessly connected interactive data visualizations and Concept Search.

Dashboard — locate high-value data and cull low-value data
Clusters — rapidly explore your data themes and clarify relevant context
Heatmap — analyze intersecting points between metadata & terms to surface insights

Data Normalization

Dramatically reduce the time-consuming process of manually reviewing complex data types with AI-powered data normalization features.

OCR — identify and extract text from image-based files
Translation — detect and translate over 160 different business language documents
Transcription — trancribe audio and video files into searchable text

Supervised Learning

Prioritize document review or automate coding decisions with unmatched supervised machine learning capabilities. Using Reveal’s powerful supervised machine learning is as simple as creating a tag.

Prioritize document review with predictive scores that improve with each decision
Select pre-built models from the AI Model Library to accelerate review or to cull your data
Curate your own bespoke AI models and add them to your organization’s AI Model Library

Document Review

Perform document review for any size matters with effortless efficiency. Prepare and organize documents for review regardless of data size or complexity — all in your native language.

Use dynamic search to perform simple or complex keyword searches
Supercharge your review with seamlessly connected visual analytics
Customize your review experience using a flexible interface that fits your needs


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