Reveal Acquires Onna
Reveal for Education

Handle records requests and discovery 10x faster

Reveal's ease of use, competitive pricing, and increased security enables school districts, colleges, and universities of all sizes to speed up their records requests, subpoenas, and discovery process without adding new resources. Give IT a break.

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Move faster. Break records log jams. Preserve your IT team's sanity.

Find records instantly

Integrate with your data sources — Google, Microsoft, Slack, etc. — or ingest any file with a click and quickly hone in on your most relevant documents using hundreds of filters based on your metadata.

Protect sensitive information

Reveal automatically spots any type of PII and allows you to redact it in bulk, across your entire project. Say goodbye to manually reviewing thousands of records to hide sensitive data.

Leave the trash out

Never parse through the same document twice. With automatic deduplication, data sorting, and Culling Intelligence, we’ll ensure you can focus on your most relevant documents — and leave out the rest.

Break your records
before they break your budget

Powerful Integrations

Connect directly to Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365, or Box for instant data collection. Any other data type just requires a drag and drop to get processed.

Accelerate data management and preparation for review
Easy drag-and-drop processing for various data types
Direct connections to Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365, and Box for instant data collection

Culling intelligence

Surface relevant information at the speed of light. Upon ingestion, Reveal automatically organizes your files and makes them searchable by dozens of different criteria like sender, email domain, dates, etc.

Surface relevant information swiftly
Automatically organize files upon ingestion
Makes files searchable by sender, email domain, dates, etc.

Automate your entire workflow

From ingestion to production, Reveal allows you to easily handle records requests and general discovery end-to-end without the need for manual tasks or costly third parties.

Eliminate manual tasks and third-party costs
Automate workflow from ingestion to production
Simplify records requests and discovery end-to-end

We make your
use case ours.



Subpoena Response

Early Case Assessment

Information and Data Requests

Legal Holds

Analytics and Visualizations

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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