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Dynamically present your case documents

Presentation software with the flexibility to dynamically and persuasively present case documents.

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Evidence Preparation and Reporting

Streamline evidence preparation and presentation with our versatile evidence management solution. Work with a broad spectrum of file formats and metadata, enabling comprehensive case preparation. Take advantage of advanced features for organizing and reviewing evidence including intuitive tools for annotation, redaction, and transcript management. Simplify your workflow with efficient document filtering, keyword searches, and detailed reporting, ensuring you have all the necessary tools for effective case handling.

Add and manage evidence across various formats, from images and multimedia to Office documents and PDFs, with ease
Import metadata, utilize pre-built filters, and organize documents with notes, annotations, and issue tags for streamlined case preparation
Conduct keyword searches, including OCR text, and generate detailed reports for exhibits and video clips, enhancing evidence analysis and management


Elevate your courtroom presence with evidence presentation tools crafted for precision and impact, tools you can use to make your legal narratives more engaging and persuasive. Drawing on capabilities like more intricate, pre-treated items within your case, display pop-ups, and zoomed-in sections, deliver a more dynamic, compelling presentation.

Presentation Preview enables early review with simultaneous display of up to four evidence items for in-depth analysis
Customizable layout options make clear and focused evidence display easy
On-Demand Evidence Retrieval allows fast, specific access to evidence, improving presentation flexibility and engagement

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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