Reveal Acquires Onna
Live EDA

Proactively reduce legal risk & legal costs

Perform targeted real-time risk assessment on data in-place.

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Live Data Integration

Connect with 20+ data sources live.

Connect to live Slack data to monitor or analyze communications
Connect to Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace G-Suite to access documents in-place to accelerate your search and analysis
Access email messages and files stored on the network without having to first collect and copy the data

Search & Filter in Place

Perform keyword searches and filters to identify relevant content or to limit data collected for legal matters.

Search and identify sensitive information which may be at risk
Focus your search on a subset of data by selecting the appropriate custodians and data sources to search
Filter your data based on document language, file path, message status, and other options to further reduce your search results

Analyze Results

Analyze, review, and code your search results.

View document metadata, preview document content, and view tags applied to each document
Use default tags or create custom tags per project and review documents for privileged, relevance, or specific issue
Annotate documents directly within the viewer to highlight key sections, add comments, and mark important passages for further review or discussion

Promote Data to Review

Quickly and efficiently promote your work product to a review platform.

Export an entire case, specific search tabs, or specific items within a search tab
Select your preferred format to export your documents for review, including PDF, CSV, PST, and more
Export multiple documents or entire cases in batches, saving time and effort in transferring data

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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