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Reveal for Investigations

For investigations
of all sizes and complexity

Get answers up to 90% faster with Reveal,
the most advanced data analytics platform
for digital investigations.

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Accelerate your investigations and find hidden facts with our patented
machine learning and powerful visualizations

Get started fast

Access and assess data fast because in investigations speed is your friend and delay your enemy. Using pre-built AI models, in just minutes push high-value documents to the front of the list and deprioritize unimportant ones. With the click of a mouse, drill deeper into your data: narrow a search to a specific time, zoom in on obfuscating language that might be meant to deceive, and that's just the start.

Handle matters small and large

Whether you need to examine the contents of a single PST for an internal investigation or review terabytes for a second request, hit the ground running with Reveal's capabilities. Push the most important content to the front of the queue and begin making well-informed decisions about key issues when they matter most.

Follow the data

When you don't yet know what you're looking for, Reveal can guide you. Let Reveal help you get answers to open-ended and targeted questions, enable you to visually explore themes and topics in your data, and offer up concepts you might not have thought of and terms you might not have considered.

Be nimble

Investigations can pivot on a dime, and you need to do the same. You might have to connect to a new data source or refresh a collection from an old one, add new issues midstream, or shift focus to an entirely new topic. With Reveal's responsive interface and adaptable workflows, you can be as quick and nimble as circumstances require.

Track and report

Investigations often require that you report not just what you found but how you got there. Take advantage of the many ways Reveal helps you keep tabs on work done and avail yourself of Reveal's myriad reporting capabilities so you're always ready to deliver an update or explain a course of action.

Maintain control

Keep your investigation in one platform so you can bring people to the data rather than send data to the people. Exercise granular control over who has access to Reveal, what information they see, and what capabilities they can deploy when working with the investigative data.

A breathtakingly rich set of analytical
and visualization capabilities

Pervasive advanced AI

Transform your work with Ask, a groundbreaking generative AI search tool designed to revolutionize how you find, analyze, and synthesize key information for investigations of all types and sizes.

Brilliant, precise, and verifiable search
Breakthrough generative AI search results
An integral part of the Reveal, not an add-on

Interactive visualizations for rapid exploration

Explore your data with precision and speed with Reveal's interactive and interconnected data visualizations available throughout the platform. Use the cursor to drill down for details or expand out for a bigger picture, selecting and filtering by metadata, AI features, and more.

Understand who was communicating with whom
Group documents based on lexical similarity
Navigate concept search results visually

Execute simplified supervised learning workflows

Create custom AI models by constructing an AI-enabled tag, or build custom models using AI-driven batches that intelligently select documents to accelerate training. Run pre-built AI models to get a jumpstart. Use Reveal's accurate predictive scores to prioritize document review and help categorize documents based on wrongdoing or other specific human behaviors.

Supervised learning workflows for investigations large and small
30+ pre-built AI models available on day one of a new investigation
Accuracy, comparison, breakdown, efficiency, and other tagging reports

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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