Reveal Acquires Onna
Reveal for Corporations

Bring eDiscovery


Reap the benefits of controlling eDiscovery yourself. Cull the noise for immediate ROI and boost your internal bandwidth.

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Empower your team to actually
do more with less

Enable legal and compliance users

Give inside personnel — as well as outside counsel, legal service providers, and others — the resources they need to focus on high-value legal work, eliminating the need to perform low-level, repetitive tasks.

Get back on budget

Tired of unpredictable eDiscovery bills and surprise fees that break your wallet? Set the budget, control the purse strings, and decide who spends how much on what.

Reduce your risks

Get more consistent treatment of data across matters, send fewer copies of your data to systems outside your control, and lower the chances of getting hit with unexpected bills.

The only eDiscovery platform purpose-built for in-house

Streamline legal holds

Ditch the spreadsheets and streamline notices, reminders and tracking. Transform your process by creating a single source of truth for data preservation and collections — and get back to focusing on what matters.

Issue holds instantly
Preserve in place
Start discovery fast

Work in your data where it lives

With Live EDA, conduct early data assessments on live data where the information lives, before any collection occurs.

Always live and in-place
Quickly search and analyze petabytes of data
No duplication of data, and only 10% index size

Cull intelligently

Surface relevant information at the speed of light. Search by dozens of different criteria like sender, email domain, dates, etc. Or use the power of AI models, concept searches, clustering, Reveal Query Language, and more to find and deprioritize content you don't care about and hone in on content you do.

Filter by metadata, text, and more
Use AI to prioritize and deprioritize content
Build, use, and reuse bespoke models

We make your
use case ours.




Subpoena Response

Early Case Assessment

Information and Data Requests

Legal Holds

Analytics and Visualizations

Attain optimal, AI-driven
eDiscovery with Reveal

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