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Reveal for Government

Buried in
records requests?

Put missed deadlines behind you. Reveal helps government organizations of all sizes quickly and cost-effectively handle open records requests and litigation — without relying on IT or vendors.

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Move faster. Break records log jams.  Save taxpayer dollars.

Find relevant records easily

Up to 97% of your data is non-responsive noise. Reveal helps you cull it out internally, so your team and outside counsel can focus on the documents that matter — while saving time and money on those that don’t.

Protect sensitive information

Reveal automatically spots any type of PII and allows you to redact it in bulk, across your entire project. Say goodbye to manually reviewing thousands of records to hide sensitive data.

Do it yourself. Don't do it alone.

Reveal's learning curve is … flat. Can you find a pair of shoes on Amazon? Good! That’s as hard as it gets. But if you get stuck at any point, our world-class team of discovery experts is available 24/7/365 to help you out.

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Provide fairer access to justice

Powerful integrations

Connect directly to Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365, or Box for an instant collection. Any other data type just requires a drag and drop to get processed. You're welcome, IT team.

Support diverse data types with an easy drag-and-drop feature, significantly reducing the workload on IT teams
Integrate with major platforms like Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365, and Box, simplifying data collection and processing
Enhance accessibility and fairness in legal processes through user-friendly features, cost-effectiveness, and advanced security

Culling intelligence

Surface relevant information at the speed of light. Upon ingestion, Reveal automatically organizes your files and makes them searchable by dozens of different criteria like sender, email domain, dates, etc.

Accelerate data organization and discovery with automatic file sorting and categorization upon ingestion
Streamline the information retrieval process, allowing users to surface relevant data almost instantaneously
Enhance search efficiency by making files searchable by multiple criteria, including sender, email domain, and dates

Streamlined doc review

Get rid of off-the-shelf tools and paper approaches. Reveal lets you search, tag, and review documents 10x faster than manual workflows. With permission-based access and activity reporting, it’s also easy to collaborate with your legal team to speed up doc review.

Review at speeds 10 times faster than manual processes
Streamlines the document review process, significantly reducing time and effort required
Facilitate seamless collaboration within legal teams through permission-based access and detailed activity reporting

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Legal Holds

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Attain optimal, AI-driven
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