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Data Integrations

Seamlessly connect and gather data directly from popular collaboration platforms like Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft O365, and Box. Logikcull simplifies collecting data and managing personnel information by integrating directly with these platforms and your Active Directory. Enjoy an efficient, drag-and-drop experience for data collection and straightforward personnel management.

Drag and drop files from collaboration platforms directly into your project
Effortlessly import and manage personnel information from your organization
Connect and manage data and personnel seamlessly across platforms

Search & Filter

Streamline the challenging task of identifying critical documents for review, significantly reducing the time and effort involved. Logikcull offers advanced features like automated PII detection, voice-to-text translation, and sophisticated search capabilities, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint the documents you need. From handling sensitive information to managing large datasets, our tool adapts to your workflow, providing precision and efficiency.

Automated features quickly identify PII and transcribe audio with AV Translation
Efficient document handling finds near duplicates and utilize metadata filtering for fast document retrieval
Robust search tools help you conduct comprehensive searches using keywords, proximity, Boolean logic, and more with advanced search capabilities

Document Review

Organize your document review and coding process with an intuitive interface designed to significantly reduce onboarding time for reviewers. Logikcull prioritizes efficiency and ease of use, featuring a powerful document viewer, automated organization tagging, and advanced text and audio redaction capabilities. This approach ensures that reviewers can focus on their work with fewer distractions and manual tasks.

Access all necessary review tasks with a single click using our robust document viewer
Simplify document organization and reduce manual effort with automated and repeat tagging
Easily redact text across multiple documents and audio files simultaneously for comprehensive privacy control

Exports & Productions

Exporting and producing documents for third parties is streamlined, akin to setting up a saved search. This approach significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in document management, ensuring that you can swiftly and securely deliver documents in the required formats. Logikcull is designed to enhance efficiency and security in document production and sharing.

Utilize Download Templates for quicker document production runs
Offer flexible Load File options for easy third-party data delivery in common formats
Securely share production files with outside parties with ShareSafe

Legal Hold

Transform your legal hold process by eliminating manual tracking. Designed to simplify and expedite every aspect of legal holds, Logikcull ensures you can quickly select custodians, send notices, and manage document productions with minimal effort. Enjoy a streamlined, efficient process that reduces the risk of error and enhances compliance.

Instantly send hold notices with simple custodian selection and template use
Manage hold notices and custodian data seamlessly
Automate reminders and document productions for total efficiency


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

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