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Comb the power of interactive data visualizations and supervised learning to speed up data analysis by 10x.

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Interactive Visualizations

Rapidly explore vast amounts of unstructured content using data visualizations that enable point-and-click data decisions. Use seamless connected visualizations to interact with your data and immediately see the results of your decisions. Turn to the Cluster Wheel to quickly explore topics of interest regardless of data size.

Build an interactive Cluster Wheel using a subset of data to explore specific communications or files for employee wrongdoing
Get an at-a-glance understanding of the communication patterns between custodians
Easily and quickly cull your data based on timeframes, duplicates, connections between terms, and extracted entities from unstructured tex

Concept Search

Start with a single term, phrase, or an entire paragraph, and Concept Search automatically expands your queries to reveal related concepts and surface connections previously unknown to the user.

Run a Concept Search and analyze Related Concepts returned by our patented concept identification to find connections between terms not previously known
Decide which concepts are more relevant by using weights to turn down or turn up their importance
Visualize how concepts are connected and easily navigate those connections to find unknown relationship between terms and people

Organize Work Product

Use notebooks and tags to organize your findings.

View document results and specific documents to confirm relevance
Organize your document subsets into Notebooks that enable you to easily synch your work product to review platforms
Create tags and apply coding decisions to enable you easily to recall your tagged documents

Supervised Learning

Using next-generation supervised learning, train the machine to automatically recognize specific types of behavior. With zero extra effort, train models and leverage predictive ranks to prioritize your analysis and review.

With Continuous Multimodal Learning, build a classifier with a few clicks and start the machine learning process
Gain a deeper understanding of what’s driving your predictive ranks and make faster course corrections to your model
Preserve your decision IP by making it portable and transfer models between datasets, generating nearly instant relevance identification results on new cases without the overhead


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

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