Reveal Acquires Onna


Starting your discovery project should be as easy as connect, collect, go. Through Onna, Reveal makes it easy to access all your data — one click away.

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Legal Hold Issues? Cut Some Slack.

Immediately reach custodians with legal hold notices by leveraging the platform they use (and trust) the most. Issue your holds via Slack — and leave us the rest.

Connect — share legal hold notices directly on Slack, and let custodians accept it from there
De-risk — sharing legal holds via Slack is safer than using email
Streamline — as soon as your custodians accept the hold via Slack, your legal holds dashboard in Reveal updates


Never Google “Export from Outlook” again. Pull Microsoft Outlook emails right from the source and centralize discovery into one powerful platform.

Connect — centralize discovery and uncover dark data
De-risk — Reveal automatically deduplicates and organizes your Microsoft files by filters like sender, domain, and dates so you can spot those smoking guns with just a few clicks
Streamline — forget about tedious searching, exporting, and ingesting Outlook emails into your eDiscovery platform

Google Vault

Forget about painful vault searches. Can’t get a granular view of your data in Google Vault? Connect directly into Google Vault so you can begin ingesting, organizing, and culling data immediately.

Connect — quickly ingest Google Workspace files (Gmail, G-chat, Google Docs, etc.) for a quick and secure search
De-risk — equip your team with the search and review features you don't have in Vault for a more thorough, streamlined, and secure process
Streamline — Reveal automatically deduplicates and organizes your Google data by filters like sender, domain, and dates that will allow you to spot those smoking guns in just a few clicks


Un-Box all your data with a click. Seamlessly transfer documents and metadata from your favorite content management platform into Reveal.

Connect — skip the tedious task of searching, exporting, and importing Box data to your eDiscovery platform
De-risk — Reveal automatically deduplicates and organizes your Box data by filters like sender, domain, and dates that allow you to spot those smoking guns in just a few clicks
Streamline — from ingestion to production, Reveal allows you to easily handle disputes and investigations end-to-end, without the need for manual tasks or costly third parties


Rapidly identify, collect, preserve, search, and visualize Zoom data in one place. Onna integrates with Zoom's API to extract meeting and chat data, including custodian data of users who join but do not participate in a chat.

Leverage a no-code, simple UI that helps you get started quickly and easily without needing IT resources
Perform case-specific collections, auto-sync, and archive Zoom data
Use federated search to surface specific content in meeting recordings and transcripts, chats, and public/private channels


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

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