Key Benefits of Reveal Hold

Risk Elimination

45% (2)

Provides a single platform, transparent and governance for overall processes 


45% (3)

Accelerates eDiscovery by automating workflows that span the EDRM

Do More with Less

45% (4)

Eliminates the need for additional resources by streamlining

Intuitive Management Dashboards and Analytics

With Reveal Hold it’s easy to track the status of each case, allowing you to easily review a global portfolio of risks from across the board, to delve into case detail for immediate access to custodian ESI and to more easily understand the metrics around the collected files.

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Simplified Custodian and Evidence Tracking

Reveal enables quick and easy identification of relevant case information, with full management and tracking capabilities in one dashboard.



Consolidated Legal Hold Management

Reveal allows you to manage legal holds, questionnaires, escalations, reminders, and enforcements in one system that provides discrete communications.  Simplify, automate, and unite legal hold and data preservation in a frictionless, easy-to-use system that drastically improves efficiency and reduces case management overhead.

manage your holds


Automated Connectivity to Modern Data Sources


Reveal provides robust data connectors to expand governance and compliance workflows with data connectors which include a direct and secure connection between Reveal and commonly used platforms such as Office 365, Teams, Slack and more. 

The automated data collection workflows enable customers to dramatically accelerate time to valuable insights. These data connectors can also help reduce the cost of preservation and collection, while helping to mitigate risk when data is on the move. 

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