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One of the world's largest legal service providers (LSP) used Reveal's NexLP AI technology to accelerate the document review process and identify relevant documents to comply with an urgent ediscovery request from a client.


  • After applying search terms, there were over 350,000 potentially responsive documents in the review universe
  • Short timeframe to comply with the ediscovery request


Using Reveal’s NexLP AI technology like concept search, enhanced threading and in-depth filtering, the LSP was able to quickly identify any responsive documents and highlight which should be prioritized for further review.

Associates at the LSP were trained to utilize Reveal’s NexLP embedded technology in order to optimize results and conduct accurate validation testing.


The LSP was able to identify 20,652 responsive documents while only reviewing 18% of the total review population. Additionally, the LSP was able to identify which documents should be prioritized for evaluation earlier in the review process.

Validation testing allowed the LSP’s client to gain comfort with the results and avoid reviewing over 300,000 documents, saving both time and money for their client.

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