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Reveal Releases 210 New Features That Provide More Speed and Scalability for Global eDiscovery

December 3, 2019

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CHICAGO, Dec. 3, 2019 –  Reveal, the leading provider of eDiscovery and investigation software and services tailored for global use, today announced that it has introduced new updates that will allow law firms and corporate legal departments to conduct review even more quickly and reliably.

“eDiscovery is now a global endeavor, as businesses of all sizes expand across borders. The lawyers that represent those businesses face amplified complications related to global eDiscovery, such as building infrastructures, scaling quickly, navigating strict data regulations from country to country and controlling the high costs of discovery overseas. Reveal helps lawyers address all of these challenges. These new features, in particular, will allow lawyers to complete eDiscovery more quickly and efficiently,” said Wendell Jisa, chief executive officer for Reveal.

The new features include:

  • A self-service portal enabling legal professionals to upload large and complex data sets via the web interface which are then automatically processed, all without the need for vendor assistance like most other eDiscovery platforms. When the processing is complete, the user can customize their workflow by either loading the data for review or performing early case assessment automatically – increasing the speed to discovery.
  • Optimizations to how Reveal manages and schedules index, imaging and production tasks that allow clients to begin and complete review faster.
  • Enhanced cloud-based scalability that keeps clients at maximum productivity. As processing requests increase, Reveal will automatically increase infrastructure capacity, ensuring legal professionals can focus on the case, not the hardware required to support eDiscovery.
  • A new, preconfigured standard project template that starts out ready to use with time-tested defaults, eliminating the hours customarily required for setup by a consultant, paralegal or eDiscovery expert. This includes the most commonly used tags, redaction profiles and field profiles – all ready for use. Clients also still have the flexibility to customize.

Reveal issues continual updates for its technology throughout the year, balancing a client-driven methodology with the ability to identify and address evolving eDiscovery needs quickly.

The new enhancements continue the company’s efforts to help law firms and corporate legal departments navigate regulations, accelerate review, and conquer big data on a global scale. Reveal recently added new data centers in Montreal and Tokyo, bringing the total to 19 centers across five continents and enabling customers to host data wherever needed. It also hired a new vice president of business development for Canada in October. Reveal, which specializes in international data privacy requirements, provides experienced consultants and support staff around the globe and offers a user interface that detects more than 160 languages.

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About Reveal

Reveal, founded in 2008, gives law firms, corporate legal departments and service providers eDiscovery and investigation software and services tailored for global use. A highly scalable, cloud-based solution, it offers 19 data centers worldwide, compliance with international data privacy protocols, multilingual user interfaces, the automatic detection of more than 160 languages and worldwide consulting and support services. Reveal creates productivity with a familiar interface and intuitive design so that legal professionals can focus on review, not training. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional offices in Washington, DC, and Dublin, Ireland. For more information, please visit

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