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KRCL Chooses Reveal for eDiscovery Provider

April 23, 2020

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Reveal is proud to announce that Kane Russell Coleman Logan, PC, a Dallas and Houston based law firm, recently chose Reveal as their primary eDiscovery provider. KRCL has provided quality legal services for clients in Texas, as well as throughout the United States, for over 25 years.

With clients that are Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized public and private companies, and entrepreneurs, they’re dedicated to building relationships and protecting the interests of their clients. They’ve earned the reputation of a law firm with experienced lawyers that you can rely on.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Despite KRCL’s success, they recognized there was room for improvement, as they were looking to stay on the cutting edge of eDiscovery technology. Previously they were using separate tools for processing and review. Having an end-to-end solution would allow them to streamline their electronic discovery processes and increase their efficiency and profitability.

Recognizing that a more efficient method was key to stay ahead, KRCL searched the eDiscovery market for the best provider. They sought out a solution that would provide an easy transition from their legacy solutions.  They landed on a hybrid model that allowed them to leverage both their on-premises infrastructure as well as the power of the AWS cloud environment.  The main quality they wanted in an eDiscovery provider was a more intuitive and robust tool with the scalability and highly developed artificial intelligence technology that included the predictive coding functionality that is becoming more necessary for modern document reviews.

Carlos Velazquez, Litigation Technology Manager at KRCL, said, “When looking to identify an eDiscovery platform for our firm, we knew we needed to find a solution that had the right balance of functionality and ease of use.”

Why Reveal?

Reveal turned out to be the answer to KRCL’s problems, providing the ideal all-in-one review platform with built-in processing and analytics.

“Reveal allows us to take advantage of a powerful suite of tools, and we can scale very easily due to the flexibility of their cloud environment. Their processing, review, and AI functionality are some of the best that I have seen on the market,” said Velazquez.

For KRCL, the advantage came in Reveal’s flexible technology. eDiscovery software that conforms to the various needs of everything from early case assessment to legal document review to production, for one cost-effective and predictable price, proved to be a game-changer. Reveal’s machine learning capabilities are enabling faster and more accurate results than ever for eDiscovery projects.

Once KRCL selected Reveal, they knew they made the right choice for an eDiscovery services provider. Velazquez said, “Their support staff has been fantastic during the on-boarding process.” Since the smooth transition to Reveal, they’ve significantly improved efficiency with the help of the platform’s advanced analytics.

The Future of an eDiscovery Partnership

Since partnering with Reveal, KRCL is looking forward to handling larger cases and growing their environment over time.  And it sounds like they’ve already started to do that.  Founding Director, Michael Logan recently said Our attorneys at KRCL have been able to leverage Reveal’s advanced analytics and robust review solution to significantly improve our efficiency.  Using Reveal’s Artificial Intelligence and other tools, we have been able to get faster and better results when dealing with large and complex data sets.”

Reveal appreciates that every law firm is different and has a unique set of eDiscovery needs. Being a technology service provider that can be flexible to any legal team’s situation is something we take pride in, and our partnership with KRCL is no different.

If you’re looking to improve your eDiscovery process, see how Reveal can empower your litigation support teams with easy-to-use AI-powered technology that accelerates document review. Contact us today for a demo.

Check how Reveal can help your business.

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