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Meet the Magic Makers Behind Reveal’s Virtual Live eDiscovery Training Program

Cat Casey
June 18, 2024

10 min read

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As discussed in last week’s blog, the Reveal Academy has taken a truly novel approach to building a flexible and adaptable training program.

The team's self-paced, simulation-based approach really gets your brain gears cranking. But here's the kicker: they're also bringing in that human touch. Yep, I'm talking about the recent rollout of virtual, live,on-demand training sessions. To understand why this is such a game-changer, Isat down for a deep dive with two of the brilliant minds driving this whole human-centric learning vibe.

Now, don't forget the awesome news I dropped last week; all certifications will be FREE for the Month of September! Free. Zip. Zero cost.

Now, without further ado, let’s sit down with two of Reveal Academy’s top-notch instructors for the lowdown: Chris Wright, the guru behind Reveal Live Training Sessions, and Bob Meyers, the maestro of Trial Director.

How Did You First Get Involved With Reveal, And What Led You To Adult Education Or Curriculum Design?

Bob Meyers (Trial Director Virtual Live Instructor):

I've been fortunate to have worked with Trial Director since 1996, when Trial Director was a suite of three different software. My use of the software began when using it as a document viewer for a software known as Summation, while working with a legal services bureau. It's evolved since then! Given its primary use as a trial tool, I then used it helping folks prepare for trial in 1997 and have been helping people all over the world prepare for any sort of proceeding.  

Christopher Wright (Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live Instructor):

I was hired by Brainspace when they were still a small company and just starting to launch their product.  Though I was hired as a Project Manager, I wore many hats, one of which was to engage with the clients and share how the tools worked and how to best leverage them for their needs. 

As time went by and we filled more roles with people, I spent more of my time in training.  Brainspace has since merged with Reveal and now we offer a more comprehensive, end-to-end EDRM solution, and the plethora of tools and techniques has magnified greatly.  Understanding what you can do and why you would do it is an important part of any tool! 

What Is Uniquely Beneficial About Taking Your Virtual Live Course? 

Bob Meyers (Trial Director Virtual Live Instructor):

The Trial Director Virtual Live course has a subtitle: Getting Started. This 2-hour course is designed to cover the basics of ensuring users receive enough information to prepare for trial (or any other type proceedings). Students are encouraged to sign up for an intermediate course if they wish to learn more about all the powerful tools available in the software. 

Christopher Wright (Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live Instructor):

Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live courses provide the best of both worlds.  Because we schedule them around content, you know what will be covered, and at the same time, because it's live, you get the opportunity to ask questions. 

In most cases, the questions can be answered live during the presentation.  On the rare chance they can't Reveal will get in touch with you later to make sure you have a satisfactory understanding.  The questions are also amazing feedback for Reveal, since they can suggest opportunities to improve the software. 

If There Is One Piece Of Advice You Could Share With Readers About Learning Legal Software Like Reveal and Trial Director, What Would You Share?

Bob Meyers (Trial Director Virtual Live Instructor):

Prepare to learn the software with sufficient time before trial. More than four weeks pre-trial, people tend to forget things. Less thana week before trial places a lot of pressure on students, given the intensity of trial. 2-3 weeks before trial, when exhibits are being prepared, is ideal. This 'sweet spot' for learning the software also allows for users to identify gaps in their learning as trial approaches! 

Christopher Wright (Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live Instructor):

Get your hands on it.  Someone can describe a hammer or a piano to you, but until you feel it and explore it, you won't understand what it's capable of.  The "Getting Started" Virtual Live training session is focused on getting to documents and working with the documents. 

Is There A Hurdle for New Users first Learning About Reveal? How Does Your Course Help Address That Issue? 

Bob Meyers (Trial Director Virtual Live Instructor):

There is a duality of the software regarding installation. Trial Director can be installed on a network, where cases can be used collaboratively, or it can be installed on a stand-alone laptop, where cases are only available on that specific laptop.

We discuss this duality as we create a new case, to make students aware of this and steps to make sure either scenario is appropriate. Also, items to be aware of when TD is installed on a network to ensure folks can share cases and steps to take when downloading a case to a laptop to take to trial.  

Christopher Wright (Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live Instructor):

Really, the biggest hurdle when being handed a toolbox is understanding what tool is used for which tasks.  Seeing the tools being used live, and having questions answered is an easy way to get past that hurdle.  Then, jump in and craft your solutions, knowing we are there to answer any follow-up questions via our strong support team. 

What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A Reveal Virtual Live Instructor? 

Bob Meyers (Trial Director Virtual Live Instructor):

I've been hyper-aware since I started in this business of training and supporting legal software, that if a case goes to trial, it's an incredibly important event. It's stressful for all involved, and cases that go to trial are either for a lot of money or someone's livelihood is on the line.

The greatest satisfaction I receive is to help educate folks to the point that at least this part - the software/presentation part -is as stress-free and effective as possible. The second-best is hearing the trial presentation go so well that the judge and opposing counsel let the firm know their presentation of evidence was impressive.  

Christopher Wright (Reveal Getting Started Virtual Live Instructor):

I'm incredibly lucky to work with a great team on an amazing product and have talented, driven clients.  Getting to work with those clients understand their needs and share how the Reveal products can help is very satisfying. 

Virtual Live Learning And You

From Virtual live to Simulation, and on-demand course planning, Reveal Academy seems to meet students where they are! To learn more about this amazing suite of learning awesomeness check out the Reveal Academy site and sign up today!

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