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Learning Your Way: Revealing A Magical Approach To eDiscovery Training

Cat Casey
June 13, 2024

10 min read

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It has never been more critically important to invest in upscaling as a legal technology professional than it is today. The pace at which innovation is happening is truly unprecedented. Legal practitioners are facing a digital dilemma, from innovation around Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI to the rapid and dynamic shift in velocity of electronically stored information (ESI) and data sources. Resources that help you stay up to date on all the latest and greatest ways Artificial Intelligence-powered legal tech can help you are lifesavers! That is why I am so excited about the approach that Reveal Academy. Our training and certification program makes up-skilling approachable and affordable manner.

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, all our Reveal Academy Courses are free to enroll. And in September, ALL CERTIFICATIONS ARE FREE! I recommend loading up on your free courses now so that by September, you are primed and ready for a certification sprint!

In the today's dynamic dataverse, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. And Reveal Academy and the genii that power it understands this! We believe the cost and a law firm's billable hour requirement should never stand as a barrier to learning. Safeguarding future-proofing your legal technology career should be accessible to everyone. That is why the recent launch of Reveal Academy’s virtual on-demand training program is so exciting.

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Reveal Academy Behind the Curtain

After twenty years in Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery), I have seen many different approaches to training and certifications. And they have varied from boring to inspiring existential dread. What is so different about the Reveal Academy? Well, there is a reason we were awarded the Legal Technology Breakthrough Awards Legal Education Platform of the Year! The approach the team took was adaptable and scalable to meet our adult learners where they are in terms of skill, role, budget, and time constraints. Our on-demand, self-paced training and simulation courses are meticulously designed. Optimized to help you unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge technology. Our interactive, hands-on approach helps you extract maximum value from Reveal’s ever-expanding universe of legal technologies.

Reveal Academy

Reveal Academy by the Numbers

The scalable and adaptable approach... a choose your own learning adventure if you will, has resonated with our massive Reveal Academy Ecosystem. To date, 811 organizations have employees that are in the Reveal Academy ecosystem, a huge in just the last 2 years. We have members of the Reveal Academy Ecosystem across the globe. And a jaw-dropping 140,416 courses enrolled by across almost 20,000 people at some stage on their Reveal Academy journey. More impressive in my book than just people in the Reveal Ecosystem, is the number of people who have gone all-in on learning. Reaching elevated levels within our Reveal Academy recognition:

  • Genius - 208
  • Scholar - 262
  • Savant - 705
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Reveal Academy: Multimodal Magic

When it comes to the academy suite of educational options, the sky is the limit. We built an ecosystem optimized for the latest best practices in adult education. Courses are available in various formats to fit your legal education appetite and needs.

Training Pathway:

  • Free Optimized Course Bundle
  • Free Self-Guided Approach
  • Certifications

Training Focus:

  • By Product Suite
    • Reveal
    • Logikcull
    • Brainspace
    • Trial Director
    • Open Discovery
    • Live EDA
  • By Task Across the eDiscovery Process
    • Environment setup
    • Tag Management
    • Processing
    • Productions
    • Search and Filter
    • Clusters & Heatmap
    • AI Model Framework
    • Transcript Management
    • Presentation & Reports
    • And So Many More
  • By Role
    • Reviewer
    • Data Analyst
    • Administrator
    • AI Designer
    • Product Evangelist

Training Delivery:

  • On-Demand
  • Virtual Live On-Demand
  • Simulation
Robot eDiscovery

Virtual Live: A (Virtual) Human Touch

No one wants to endure another web-based death by 1,000 PowerPoint slides. So, Reveal Academy took a different approach. Say hello to Reveal Virtual Live sessions – a game changer. These virtual sessions are dynamic, interactive, and dare I say... fun. Students can directly interact with our expert instructors. Have questions about the content or the product? Chime right in and get a real-time response. Want to dig into a specific topic? Well, you’re not limited by pre-planned lesson topics like in self-paced courses. With Virtual Live Training, you can set your path and explore your questions or areas of interest. You can truly choose your learning adventure! The magic doesn’t stop there. These virtual live sessions also allow you to interact with fellow students. Gaining insights into how other Reveal users leverage different features and overcome challenges. This peer interaction enriches your understanding and sparks novel ideas for utilizing the full spectrum of capabilities within the product. You no longer are learning alone with the Virtual Live options.  

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Self-Paced: Tortoise or Hare, Learning Your Speed

Legal Professionals often have their days broken into tenths of the billable hour. So standard long-format approaches to upskilling are not always tenable. Have a specific question on document review or culling you need to dig into? A specific window of time you can squeeze in training. The self-paced approach Reveal Virtual Academy takes is a huge help. Students can view and complete Reveal Academy courses at their own pace. The course description page provides information on the estimated duration and an outline of the lessons. Equipping you to direct your own learning experience. Most courses in Reveal Academy are self-paced.  

How it works:

  • Create your online student account
  • Enroll in any self-paced or virtual live course
  • Complete course bundles to get certified
  • Collect certifications & earn your Academy membership
Robot graduating

Simulations: Reveal's Hands-On Magic

Another powerful tool for legal teams and curious legal technologists alike? Hello Interactive simulations. We want you to go from theory to practice and understand the hands-on applications of what you have learned. What better way than an interactive way to roll up your sleeves? Get ready to dive into hands-on simulation exercises. These courses let you roll up your sleeves and perform various tasks within different Reveal environments. These simulations are designed to reinforce the material you've covered in our Self-Paced or Virtual Live courses. It's all about the practical, real-world experience that makes you a true eDiscovery pro. Tune in next week to hear directly from some of the Geniuses behind the magic of Reveal Academy!

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