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Reveal's comprehensive suite of advanced, powerful, AI-driven solutions covers every stage of eDiscovery, delivering the
tools you need to make a quantum leap to the next level.

All in on AI

With best-in-class AI solutions from innovative reusable AI models to ground-breaking generative AI and so much more, Reveal delivers the industry's most advanced and comprehensive set of AI-powered capabilities. Tap into the unprecedented power of Reveal's AI to achieve your goals better, faster, and cheaper.

Dazzling speed to insight

Every minute counts and every dollar matters, making speed to insight critically important. From its easy-to-use responsive interface to the details of its underlying architecture, every aspect of Reveal's platform is optimized to give you the greatest speed to insight available.

The freedom to choose

You don't fit in a pigeonhole — no client does. We've built our offerings to accommodate a wide range of wants, expertise, resources, and budgets. Choose where our platform runs, what features you make available to users, what support you get and from whom, and more.

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Tell me something I don't know

Use Reveal's wide-reaching tools to explore your data from many angles and in many ways. Use the power of Reveal to learn something new, and drive your matter forward.

Find more like this

Sometimes, finding one document isn't enough; you need to locate as many copies and variations as you can. With Reveal's technology, workflows, and reports, quickly find the "more like this" you need.

Good for the full life of a matter

Reveal's got you covered from the first whiff of a matter through its final disposition. Identify data in place. Manage the hold process. Collect data with connectors, then process and host it. Review, analyze, and synthesize as needed.


Your data must be safe. That's why Reveal is committed to ensuring the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your data. We abide by the three pillars of our AI pledge: Trust, Knowledge, and Security.


Sometimes, it's enough to grab data, cull it, produce, and move on. Other times, you need the full power of a robust AI-driven platform. Whether you handle the work yourself or prefer an ALSP's services, Reveal can scale to meet your needs.

Predictable costs

If ever you had to take a big, unexpected bill to a partner or client, you quickly learned you never want to go through that experience again. That's why we work with you to make our costs as clear and predictable as possible.

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Comprehensive AI-powered eDiscovery software for legal departments of any size.

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Streamline notices, reminders, tracking and more.

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Search, review, and analyze data before collection.

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Captivate your audiences with amazing presentations.

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Harness the power of advanced analytics for accelerated decision making.

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