Export and Print Workflow Exercise

This article provides both visual and written exercises for utilizing export and print features in Reveal

The purpose of this document is to outline the most common Reveal 11 processes to help customers become more familiar with the platform and its data export and print capabilities.

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Product Area


Relevant Processes


Run a search and export the resulting documents

  1. Run a search that will report back a small number of documents (<250).
  2. Use the Export function from the Grid to create an export of all documents including native files - no other options need to be changed.
  3. Go to the Jobs page to find and track this export job.
  4. Download the export and make sure all native files are included in the zip file and exported metadata.
  5. Confirm you received an email indicating that the export finished successfully.

KB Articles

  1. Dashboard
  2. How To Export Documents
  3. Jobs Management
  4. How To Export Documents
  5. How to Troubleshoot Data Export


Run a search and print the resulting documents as searchable PDFs

  1. Run a search that returns a small number of documents (~50).
  2. Perform a bulk Print job using default settings except to indicate that the PDFs generated should be searchable.
  3. Monitor progress through the Jobs page.
  4. Download the resulting documents and make sure one (1) PDF exists for each record (excluding any errors provided in the jobs table).
  5. Confirm an email was received with the results.

KB Articles

  1. Dashboard
  2. How To Print a Set of Documents
  3. Jobs Management
  4. How to Print and Download a Document

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Last Updated 9/15/2023