Admin Views – Assignments

View and manage assignments from several collection foldering structures.

The Assignments folder under Admin Views shows review and database administrators several views of any assignments that have been created in the current project. 

123 - 01 - Admin Views - Assignments (top)

  • Folders - Expands to display the Assignment folders, and within each the assignment batches broken out by reviewer, that have been created using either
  • Batches - Assigned document sets focused by Tag Profile.
  • Custodians - Documents assigned for each custodian.
  • Jobs - Display a complete listing of assignment jobs and their current reviewed status.
  • Reviewers - Shows what assignment folders are held by each reviewer and their reviewed status.

Admin members can see documents that have been reviewed and not reviewed within each batch. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that the Review User has checked out Assignment batch R1-00001 having 13 documents, none as yet reviewed. 

123 - 02 - Admin Views - Assignments (details)

Batch folders may be also be deleted here by:

  • clicking on the Options [...] menu to the right of the folder,
  • selecting Delete, and
  • confirming (this procedure should only be undertaken if the batch is in some way defective; the documents within the batch will not be deleted).  

See also How to Create & Manage Assignments.


Last Updated 07/10/2023