Production Image Sets

This article contains information about creating and using image production sets for data in a project.

Non-Audio Video Tutorial

An Image Set is a collection of images which may be populated for the entire project dataset (e.g.Default), a specific subset (e.g., CJK Documents or Architectural drawings) or a production. There may be images from multiple image sets associated with any document, selectable from the Image Set menu in the Viewer toolbar.

60 - 01 - Add Production Job - Images-Existing (Annotated Image Set)

Production image generation is specified in the production job under the Imaging tab. For non-native productions, choosing Existing for Images opens a screen of settings to be specified, the first being the source Image Set to be used as a basis for generating images which, in general, will:

  • be stamped with production numbers,
  • have redactions burned in, and
  • be labeled with any confidentiality endorsement to be associated with a document or production.

Imaging settings for production otherwise involve the use of any template and specifications for image type, luminance, annotation and redaction. See How to Create a Production Job for further details.

An exception to generating fresh images is Produce Document Image Files As The Image. When the document type is an image type (i.e., jpg/png), then this setting will produce the native as the image, instead of reimaging this image file. This setting is typically used to accelerate production speeds when the production set contains many high-resolution images.

NOTE: Images produced while using this setting will not receive stamped text (Bates Numbers, Confidentiality Labels, etc.).

Production images generated as part of a production job are assigned to a new or existing Image set in the final part of the production process, the Production Database Update.  60 - 02 - Production Database Update Settings (Annotated Image Set)

Under the Settings tab of the Database Update Job Setup window, Add or Edit (that is, select) the Image Set to which the images should be added. Each production will likely Add its own production set for ease of reference, but this is not a requirement.

Once the Database Update settings are saved, the Job may be run from the Database Update window under Production by selecting the drop-down menu for the new job and choosing StartThis will add the production's Image Set to the listing, or add the images from the production to an existing Image Set, as specified.


Last Updated 9/29/2023