Tagging Reports

This article provides an overview of the various Tagging reports available within Reveal.

Reveal provides you with several tagging reports that can be used to measure the performance of reviewers and provide statistics related to the document tagging/coding function.

Here are a list of available Tagging reports along with instructions on how to run them.

Accuracy Report

This report calculates the accuracy of the reviewers in applying tags. This is done by comparing tag work product to a specified example set and analyzing the document content of the examples against that of the documents tagged in the report scope.

  • The Timeline graph shows assessed review tagging accuracy percentage day by day.
  •  The Created Date table (with a date sort arrow in its title box) provides a summary for each day of the following:
    • Number of Users
    • Active Hours
    • Documents Per Hour
    • Overall Accuracy as a Percentage
    • QC'd Percentage
Clicking the down arrow to the left of a date entry opens a detail table for each user.

This table can be exported to Excel XLSX format, PDF, and CSV formatting or unformatted.

  • Settings shows the options that have been set for this report using Configure.

    • Review Set
      • Documents - All Documents or a selected Folder.
      • Reviewers - Select the Team to be evaluated.
      • Tags Applied - The tag choices to be evaluated.
      • Date Range - Set start and end dates for reporting.
    • Quality Control
      • QC Sample Set - Specify a work folder containing a verified example of the tagging accuracy standard sought.
      • Accuracy Tag Choice - Select the tag choice to use for comparison.

Click Submit to save the settings.

Summary shows work to date at a glance for the specified settings.

Breakdown Report

This report provides a select overview of all of tags by Tag Set and Reviewer. Retrieved entries can be clicked to open the list of documents for the selected tag in the grid view.

    • The Tag Overview chart updates dynamically as Reviewers and Tag Sets are selected, along with the Tagged vs Total bar chart and Tag Breakdown panes to the right. The Tag Overview chart, which is exportable to PDF, Image or Excel XLSX, has a Multi-Select control so that multiple tag slices can be selected to populate the Tagged vs Total and Tag Breakdown panels. When there is a current selection a Clear Master Filter control will also be displayed.
    • Tagged vs Total is an exportable bar chart showing the number of documents having the selected tag or tags compared with the total number of documents under the selected tag set(s).
    • Tag Breakdown is an exportable table with the selected Tag Names and Sets selected and the document Count for each.

Comparison Report

This bar chart provides a visual overview of the tags by Reviewer by Tag Set. Reviewers selections may be quickly compared using the color-keyed bar chart; gliding the pointer over a Reviewer's bar provides detail numbers for each tag. Retrieved entries can be clicked to open the list of documents for the selected tag in the grid view.

Efficiency Report

This report provides a breakdown of the efficiency of the document reviewers.  It shows the total number of tags set by the Reviewer, then breaks this out against Active Minutes in Reveal to report Average Tags per Hour and Average Tags per Day. Configuration settings select the Documents, Reviewers, Tags Applied and Date (range).


Last Updated 9/26/2022