Reveal 2024.1.2 Patch Release Notes

Items included in the 2024.1.2 Reveal patch. Release Date 01/31/2024.



User Management

Fixed a specific workflow where changing permissions to a user assigned to multiple companies was not possible via the new User Management area.

User Management

Fixed an edge-case scenario where the same user was being inserted twice after certain actions.

Index Deletion

Addressed an issue when deleting an index in very large projects.

Resource Center

Enabled the new Resource Center that was prepared to launch in the 2024.1 release but experienced a small delay in order to resolve a usability issue with duplicate Help links.


Resolved an issue with Communication view’s clustering and layout settings, which could result in setting changes not immediately taking effect.

Company Admin

Fixes an issue where there is a discrepancy between the total size of a project in the summary row and the tooltip displayed while hovering over the grid view of the usage.

Company Admin

Fixes an issue where a company and/or instance admin who can see all of the projects, but has not been granted explicit access to a particular project and receives an error when being redirected to the project.

Addressed issue brought about by the need to hide the Projects tab and the change in behavior of being directed into the project and not the Project landing page. There will be a new error to address this particular scenario moving forward.

Company Admin

Fixes an issue where the document count in the Projects landing page, while in the context of a Company, is showing 0 documents for all projects.

Image Loading

Addresses a use case issue with loaded images that have longer file name extensions, where the period before the file extension could get truncated.

Tag Efficiency Report

Updated the maximum size of the ‘IdAndName’ column, which must be 220 to avoid truncation safely. This resolved an issue with a 500 error in the Tag Efficiency Report.

Production Update

Corrected issue where Production>Database Update>Details showed an error instead of loading the expected screen with details of the production database update job.


Last Updated 1/31/2024