Reveal January 2024 Release Notes

Items included in the 2024.1 release. Release Date 01/24/2024.


Key Feature Highlights

  • User Management & Administration
    • New User Management experience.
    • Password/Authentication Reset options​.
  • Company & Instance Administration 
    • New Company creation (w/o Review Manager)​.
    • New Company Summary experience​.
    • New Instance Administrator permission.
  • Efficiency Improvements
    • Notify user if an index job is currently running (to explain effect on delayed visibility of bulk-updates)​.
    • Show user’s own assignment jobs in Assignments.
    • New user setting for how to render empty cells.
  • Supervised Learning
    • Optimize the resource allocation for classifier jobs to speed up the classification rounds.
  • Usability & Appearance Enhancements
    • Updated sidebar with a new icon-only view​.
    • Production Job name auto-populated to a field​.
    • Browser tab name reflects current page.
    •  New Resource Center linking Announcements, Documentation, Training and Support. 

Not brand new to Reveal 2024 but enhanced:

  • Communication Visualization & Analysis.

Release Details

Product Area

What & Why

AI Pipeline Improvements​

Addressed key issues that affected the syncing of data between the Analytics Pipeline and Review components, to make the data available more quickly in several concrete scenarios. Additionally, moved AI scoring sync to direct-to-Elastic for speed.

Assignment Administration​

Resolved issues around the creation, deletion, searching, filtering, and overall management of assignment batches to increase the efficiency of review management. This also included dealing with permissions issues associated with batch management and better workflows around the removal of documents from assignment batches.​

Bulk Update Improvements​

Addressed user experience and performance issues when running bulk updates across a large number of documents in Review. This included notifying users if a large indexing job is in progress and could affect the time it takes to see results of a bulk update. ​

Cloud AI Improvements​

Addressed workflow and user experience items related to the AWS Cloud AI services that Reveal leverages in Review. Specifically, better control over which text sets not to send to AWS.​

Comm. Analysis Enhancements​

 Addressed user experience and data interpretation issues related to the recently released Communications Analysis feature. Includes numerous items: domains from MS-Exchange data, longer fields that caused delays, extracted name logic changes, and more. In addition, the MSA-level setting that enables Comm. Analysis to run during the full build process is now set by default to ON (true) for all new and existing MSAs. Therefore, new projects created will have Comm. Analysis running by default. This will not by itself trigger Comm. Analysis on all existing projects. Existing projects will require running a full build, if Comm. Analysis is desired on them. 

Field Management​

Improved the experience around managing field profiles and views within the grid. Modified default options for power users to reset field profile settings for all users.​

Folder Enhancements​

Addressed issues related to the creation and access of work folders and saved search folders.​

Grid Enhancements​

Resolved issues related to the sorting, filtering, and display of key data within the document grid.​

Imaging Enhancements​

Addressed issues related to the rendering of difficult, uncommon file types. Updated to latest imaging library version (Hyland). Updated to latest OCR library (Tesseract).​

User Support Enhancements 

Consolidated in-app guidance into a new pop-up Resource Center, which is contained in a white text on Reveal plum bubble in the upper right corner of the screen that opens to a list of information types available to the user. 

  • Announcements contains information on impending new releases, with a number (shown in the pop-up button as well as in the Announcements line) corresponding to the number of announcements currently available.
  • Documentation provides a link to the Reveal knowledge base in place of the former Help documentation button.
  • Training takes the user to Reveal Academy to view training and certification courses.
  • Support provides access to Reveal Support in place of the former Support button. 

Incorrect Document Display​

Addressed issues that could result in a user being shown an incorrect document after running searches when family grouping was on, turning it off, and running a new search.​

Deletion Improvements​

Resolved issues related to the deletion of a large number of documents from Review projects and closed a potential major issue where a client could delete all document metadata. ​

Discovery Manager to the Web​

Enhanced Upload functionality to support the migration of users from load machines to user the web for processing data.​

Document Counts​

Fixed to ensure that document counts are correctly reflected after actions that would modify those counts.​

Document Folder Enhancements​

Performance tweaks to support clients who demand high performance out of the feature.

Document Viewer Enhancements​

General usability enhancements to aid in reviewer efficiency, such as image rotation fix and tag shortcut conditional display.​

Indexing Notification​

Give users a notification that their metadata updates could be impacted by concurrently running indexing jobs.​

Memory Issues​

Addressed issues across the review application that result in running out of memory. This was primarily impacting print and production jobs.​

Production Enhancements​

Enhancements to address overall production performance and scaling and making sure that reporting and database updates are working as expected. Added a new Production Job field that is updated in the database for each document. ​

Review Manager to the Web​

Introduced new Company, Project, and User administration pages that facilitate the move away from the load machines.​

Job Queuing Improvements​

Improved performance of the recently implemented RabbitMQ job queuing within Reveal.​

Reviewer Efficiency​

Introduced quality of life features that help with the display of data, clarity of purpose, and working within the Review Platform.​

Search Enhancements​

Resolved issues around the creation, readability, and execution of advanced searches with “Empty Value” criteria or duplicate criteria that impact overall usability of the system. Also includes improvements to the Term List when it contains a large number of items. ​

UI Polish​

Addressed UI bugs and made quality of life changes to the UI that will result in a better user experience. There are also a number of changes related to the internationalization of the Review UI.​

Usage Tracking​

Implementation of Pendo to allow for usage-driven decision making on the Product team and all other teams across the organization.​

Work Product Exports​

Addressed performance issues related to the display and export of large amounts of data to .CSVs.​


Release Detail

Issue Type






As an admin user, I would like to be able to clone a user.

This provides a user with the ability to create users and to be able to clone/duplicate a user's company/project access while unique attributes such as name, username, email are left to the normal user creation process.


Admin Views

Update Batch label in Admin Views.

Update to the label of Admin Views -> Assignments -> Batches to Batch ID to make it uniform with the field that it represents in the document grid.



As an admin user, I need to be able to reset one or more users' password.

This feature allows a user with access to the user administration section to reset the password for one or more users at a time. This is an enhancement to previous versions where password reset was limited to a single user.



As an admin user, I need to be able to reset one or more users' two-factor authentication.

A user with access to User administration will be able to reset the two factor authentication for 1 or more users. This is an enhancement from previous versions, where a two factor reset was limited to a single user.



As an admin user, I need to be able to disable one or more users' accounts.

Feature to enable an admin user to disable a user so that they cannot access Reveal. All user work product will be kept, as this is not a complete deletion of the user from the system.


AI Sync

Add support for disabled analytics dataset features.

A recent update will put specific analytics data that has not been used in a period of time into a paused state, only in regard to certain analytics features - the cluster wheel and concept expansion. Those features will be unpaused and restored to functional when a user goes to access them. No other action is needed by the user but there may be a slight delay (up to 30 seconds) before the analytics data store is back online and requests to use the cluster wheel and concept data return successfully.



Remove "Document_Metadata" option from Text Set Source Files drop down when deleting docs.

This removes the Document_Metadata text set from the text set dropdown when doing a targeted/custom deletion. This opened up the possibility of the user deleting the document records from a project. This functionality is something that should be present in the 'Delete All document records' workflow.



Folder Names cutoff on Saved Search Modal.

A small drag handle in the lower-left corner of the Saved Search modal allows the user to change the size of the window to utilize more screen space to see the saved search information. There are also changes to the width of the folder panel display so that more of the first couple of levels are more easily displayed without having to go the tooltip.



Enable using enter to submit new folder creation.

Enable the ability to allow the user to hit the enter key to submit the new folder name to increase reviewer efficiency.


Supervised Learning

RAI Cosmic Scheduler caps number of workers per SB_ID.

Optimized the resource allocation for classifier jobs. Each project will get is own resource pool, with up to 10 concurrent classification jobs per project. The total number of concurrent classifier   jobs per environment is 100.



Suppress other/additional Native/HTML text sets from consideration for designated translation jobs.

Removes the ability to submit the HTML/Native text set for translation jobs. Since these jobs just use the document text, there is no need to provide the HTML marked-up text to the translation service. Therefore, we are removing that text set from the dropdown.



Update navigation design.

This is a complete redesign to the sidebar in the Reveal Review R11 UI. We have moved from a stacked icon/label view to a side by side view that will be more descriptive and will require less vertical space on the screen making for a cleaner experience. This does come at the expense of some horizontal real-estate when the panel is in the expanded mode. Because of this, we have added a button to allow the user to collapse/expand the navigation panel and we will remember the setting for the user from session to session.



Check on UI of Cannot Delete batches Assigned to Users.

Correct logic that prevented certain user roles from deleting assigned batches. The system will allow deleting batches for others as long as the current user has the permission 'Manage Assignment Batches For Other Users.'



Clicking on a document from the list view in the Dashboard does not open the correct document.

Update to the document card sidebar, visible in some views after a search, to correct the possibility of the wrong document opening in the doc viewer, due to document sorting differences.



Index Jobs Get Stuck in Status 0.

Correct a scenario where an indexing job with duplicate import file names would throw a SQL error and timeout.


Last Updated 2/13/2024