Reveal 11.3.4 Patch Release Notes

Items addressed in January 2023 patch releases for Reveal 11.3

Issue key  Type  Category  Summary 
UNIFIED-1837  Feature  Heatmap  Add a permission to allow the Heatmap view to be hidden or shown.
UNIFIED-1959 Feature Print The bulk print functionality now shows a page preview of what metadata stamping will look like on the page in addition to the preview for any custom text value that is input. In the preview, there will be an indication that the Custodian field value, for example, will be burned into the upper left part of the document. There can be still be custom text added below the field. 
UNIFIED-1967  Update  Indexing  To optimize the time in early project stages, updated a system setting to default to Metadata and OCR as the text sets are prepared and indexed automatically (by default). The HTML and Extracted text sets can still be prepared on demand via the Review Manager. Additional communication on this change is being sent out.  
UNIFIED-1888  Fix  Administration  Updated the session timeout screen to use more consistent layout and style with other pages.
UNIFIED-1898  Fix  Advanced Search  Corrected a duplicate display of field names appearing both in the ID category and Fields category in Advanced Search > Add Condition > Fields.  
UNIFIED-1907  Fix  Advanced Search  Corrected issue where a bit (Boolean) field would not present a list of values when filtering or searching on it. 
UP-641  Fix  Assignments  Corrected issue which caused assignment batch to not allow deleting after it was checked out for review by a user. 
UNIFIED-1848  Fix  Bulk Action  Corrected validation so that the bulk action Delete > Custom Delete, no longer requires an entry to be selected in all three dropdowns (Image Set Files and Artifacts, Text Set Source Files, Index Records), but just one of them.  
REV-11686   Fix  Company Admin  Corrected Case Stats window that required date range input but did not render date pickers right away. 
UP-578  Fix  Date Localization  Fixed the effect of browser’s language (such as in Google Chrome) being changed to a non ‘en-US’ locale (for example Spanish), on the date format in the Grid. The date format in the grid is taking advantage of the language localization. A new setting will make that behavior optional in an upcoming release.  
UP-566 Fix Folders When the user wanted to create a new folder in any section (Work, Transcript, Searches folders), the menu would open but you needed to click twice for the option to be selected. 
UNIFIED-1920 Fix Heatmap The Row Totals worked as long as the search was not modified in any way so as to decrease the doc count from the default. The ‘Totals’ column would correctly find the unique counts, but only for the selected row/column types. 
UNIFIED-1922 Fix Heatmap Because validation is automatic, do not display the blue Validate and Save Terms button:
- After user enters term(s) in the text area (it is displayed briefly).
- When term list is empty.
If user enters more than 20 terms, display validation error. Currently the Submit button is disabled without indicating the reason why to the user.
The Maximum Number of Rows input only allows the user to enter 1 or 20 when existing input is selected. Allow the user to enter any value between 1 and 20 after deleting existing input.
UNIFIED-1966  Fix  Heatmap  Corrected issue where a full-page refresh while on the Heatmap view could result in unexpected error message. 
UNIFIED-1971 Fix Heatmap Totals contained numbers that were not all zeros when you had search terms as rows and metadata like Extension as columns.
REV-11566  Fix  Reports  Documents tagged using the Bulk action and the Doc Viewer are correctly reflected in the Efficiency report once a configuration is set in the Report. Previously, some configurations could affect some counts. 
UNIFIED-1918  Fix  Review Grid  Fixed a special case where the View link on the document would require an extra click to open if the document was selected as part of “Select All on Page” group.  
UP-177  Fix  Saved Search  Corrected the display rendering of folder actions in Saved Search for the special case of a long list of folders when the folder actions were getting cut off. 
UP-571  Fix  Saved Search  Corrects behavior where looking for a saved search by field name (e.g. extensions) or field value did not return all matching saved searches properly.  
UP-567  Fix  Sidebar  Fixed special case of all custodians appearing in the sidebar when only the top five are meant to show by default. 
UP-570  Fix  Sidebar  Fixed a case of the Any value link to filter under the Custodians section created a different query than a similar filter in another view (such as the widget). 
UP-631  Fix  Sidebar  Fixed special case of the View All link appearing in some sections of the sidebar even when not needed, for example, where there were fewer than five items. 
UNIFIED-1880  Fix  User Settings  Remove unused Language user settings until its effect is fully reimplemented.