How to Translate (Translation)

This article provides both visual and written instructions for identifying languages and translating documents.

Video Tutorial

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You can use Reveal to translate your document text from one language to another. To Bulk Translate documents:

37 - 01 - Translate Documents

  1. Once you have identified and selected documents for translation, open Translate from the Toolbar above the Review Grid. These documents may have been identified by Reveal's language identification feature and labeled in the Detected Languages field to facilitate a filter search.
  2. Choose the Documents you wish to translate. These may be documents retrieved using a search, filter or folder, or manually selected from the Grid.
  3. Source Text Set - Specify the text container in which the original documents are to be found (usually Native / HTML).
  4. Source Language is the original language of the document.
  5. Destination Text Set - Specify the text container into which the translated documents are to be placed (e.g., Translated); you also have the option to create a +New text set in which to contain and index the translated documents.
  6. Destination Language is the language into which the document has been translated.
  7. A Job Name should be supplied to track the progress.
  8. Results will be displayed in the Translate table on the Jobs Management screen.

    1. Click Admin to select the Project Admin screen. 
      01 - 01 - Admin Button
    2. Click the menu in the upper left corner of the window to open the Flyout Menu.
      95 - 01 - Flyout Menu (Jobs)
    3. Click Jobs to open the menu.

When the job is complete, you be able to view and search upon your documents using both the source text and the translated text.


Last Updated 10/28/2022