How to Create & Manage Wordlists

This article provides both visual and written instructions for creating and assigning highlighted terms for a project.

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Wordlists - Highlights

26 - 01 - Wordlists Highlights screen

Wordlists are lists of terms, including Boolean and proximity searches, set out separated by hard returns with specified text and highlight colors to readily show the presence of these terms within any document in the dataset viewed by a Team member assigned to the wordlist.

  1. Login to Reveal as an Administrator.
  2. Click Admin in the toolbar at left.
  3. Project Admin will open in a new window.
  4. Select Wordlists. The screen will open to the Highlights tab.
  5. You will see a table of all existing Wordlists; here you may --
    1. +Add a new wordlist.
    2. Edit an existing wordlist.
    3. Delete an existing wordlist.
    4. Assign Teams to an existing wordlist.
  6. To add a new wordlist.
    1. Click +Add.
    2. Enter a name for the wordlist (required).
    3. In the Words box, enter the terms to be highlighted for this wordlist. 26 - 02 - Add Wordlist-1
    4. Note that Wordlist Terms are separated by being placed on a new line. Terms of more than one word, including multi-word phrases and Boolean or Proximity searches, will automatically be placed in quotation marks for highlighting once the wordlist is saved. 
    5. Select the Highlight color to be used for terms in this wordlist. If using a pale color, don't forget to uncheck Use white text.
    6. Click ADD.
    7. In the Highlights table, select the new wordlist.
    8. Click Assign Teams to select the Team or Teams that will see the highlights for this wordlist during review. 
      26 - 03 - Assign Teams to Wordlist-1
  7. To Edit a wordlist:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Any aspect of the wordlist may be changed or updated here. 
      26 - 04 - Edit Wordlist

Once assigned, Team members may turn off display of wordlist highlights in the Document Review screen where an excessive number of highlighted terms in the Viewer may distract from search terms.


Last Updated 8/22/2022