Bulk Tag Documents

Reference for and use of the Update bulk action feature in the Grid toolbar to tag documents.

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The bulk actions available in Reveal's Grid toolbar enable users to leverage searching, filtering and grid selections in a variety of ways.

Tag Documents in Update

The results of a search, filter or manual selections from the grid may be assigned to a work folder, tagged, have standard values written to updatable fields or standard reviewer notes added to the documents.

17 - 01 - Tag Documents - Select Act On-1-1

In the above example, a keyword search for vinson has been entered. Before opening Update, four items in the result list were checked as selections. Update then opened to its Act On tab, showing a choice between the Selected documents (4) and All documents in results list (556).

17 - 01a - Tag Documents - Bare Actions

The Actions to Take tab offers several alternatives to updating and organizing these documents. All offer Action choices of Add to apply the update, or Remove to clear an update or setting. Selecting multiple Include... options will open each selection in its own panel at the right of the window.

  • Include Folders 17 - 02 - Tag Documents - Actions to Take - Folders-2
    • Select one or more Work Folders or Transcripts folders to assign for the retrieved documents.
    • Currently All will be shown as available for assigning documents; Only Available will be implemented to restrict the view to folders where the user has read/write permissions.
  • Include Tags 
    17 - 03 - Tag Documents - Actions to Take - Tags-2
    • Select one or more tags to be applied (or, as will be seen below, removed) to the documents retrieved in the result set.
    • All tags will be shown here, whether or not assigned to the user's current profile.
  • Include Fields - select an updatable field from the display and enter the value to be applied (or removed, as appropriate). The action choices are:
    • Set if empty
    • Replace existing value
    • After existing value
    • Before existing value
    • Remove
  • Include Notes - Enter text to be added to reviewer notes for the selected documents. 17 - 04 - Tag Documents - Actions to Take - Notes-2

When action specification is complete, click SUBMIT. A confirmation pop-up will open. 17 - 05 - Tag Documents - Confirmation 

Click Confirm to proceed.

As with all bulk actions, you can check progress and status under Jobs Management, accessed by clicking Admin and opening the menu in the upper left corner to select Jobs95 - 01 - Flyout Menu (Jobs)

Bulk Tag displays a log of all current and prior jobs generated from Update. 17 - 06 - Tag Documents - Job complete

Regarding removing tags from several documents, it was noticed that the search for Enron's counsel also turned up an employee named Donnie Vinson, whose mention would not automatically trigger the possibility of attorney/client privilege. After searching for the keyword phrase donnie w/1 vinson and retrieving ten documents, we open Update to take action on those documents.

17 - 07 - Tag Documents - Untag docs-1-2

Note that the settings for Include Tags here look very similar to those used to assign the tag, except that the Action has been changed to Remove.

The remainder of the process is the same to SUBMIT and Confirm the bulk untagging job to remove these tags from the ten documents.


Last Updated 11/11/2022