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eDiscovery Experts Working with Advanced Technology to Get the Data You Need


Save Time and Create Winning Strategies


Having a superior eDiscovery platform can help you save time and money while you are preparing for litigation, performing a criminal investigation, or preparing for a merger. But even flexible and easy-to-use InControl system, discovery still takes a significant amount of time. The experts at Reveal Data can take control of that data collection process for you, allowing you to put more of your time toward designing a successful strategy to get the results you want.

InControl Platform

Innovative eDiscovery Platform Helps Clients Get Breakthrough Results

Our Disruptive Technology Provides Responsive and Comprehensive Solutions

InControl Solutions For Law Firms

Innovative, Client-Focused eDiscovery Solutions for Law Firms

Take Control of Your Workflow, Review Faster and Empower Your Team

InControl Solutions for Corporations

Flexible eDiscovery Solutions to Stay Ahead

Save Time and Money by Indexing Data Ahead of Litigation, Mergers and More

InControl Solutions for Government Agencies

Government eDiscovery Solutions that Save You Time and Money

Respond Quickly to FOIA Requests and Streamline Investigative Work

Service you need anywhere and at any hour


Reveal Data’s specialists are available at any time to answer your questions and provide the services you need. With our global reach, we have experts working in countries around the world, which means that someone is always available.


InControl’s disruptive eDiscovery technology in combination with the experts in data collection give you the strongest tools in your arsenal. You will have the foundation you need to build your case.

Digital Forensics

Uncover Forensic Data with Advanced eDiscovery Technology

Our Innovative Platform Adapts to the Complex Information Landscape

Network Indexing

Powerful Investigative Tool Organizes Enterprise-Level Data

Technology with the power of human cognition makes search easier than ever

Early Case Assessment

Reveal’s behind-the-firewall tool set empowers enterprises to search, analyze and collect

Early Case Assessment (ECA) helps determine the best collection strategies

InControl Processing

Be InControl Everywhere with Our Robust Processing Tool

Streamline your workflow: Review, analyze and process data with one tool

Expand your team with full-service support from the discovery specialists


The Reveal Data team includes applied analytics and technical experts who can help you through every stage of your discovery, whether you need help with customizing the InControl platform or you need help with conducting your discovery.


Our suite of offerings includes:


  • Forensic collection. We use advanced methodology and disruptive technology to uncover the forensic data you need, wherever it lives.
  • Early case assessment. Get a better understanding of the challenges and weaknesses in your case with an early case assessment that you can use to formulate a stronger strategy.
  • Data culling. Custom coding rules allow us to collect the data you need more quickly using cluster, categorization, email threading and more.
  • Processing. We oversee processing of your case from start to finish, using the right technology and framework for its specific needs.
  • Online review. Get insights quickly and securely at any stage of your discovery process with reviews hosted in the cloud.
  • Production. Final reporting, analysis and more to help you review the data and make strategic decisions.


Get a thorough, honed collection of data to build your case. Instead of sifting through data, you and your legal team can spend more time crafting the strongest arguments to win your case.

Flexible Secure Data Hosting

On-Demand, Managed Services for Flexible eDiscovery Access

Private Data Center or Secure Hosting in The Cloud – You’re InControl

Accelerated Review

Fast Data with Fully Integrated Analytics for Effortless Discovery

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Move From Data to Decision Faster

Case Management

Information Specialists Streamline Your Case Management

Put data experts on your side and get more out of your discovery and analysis


Expert Consulting Puts Your Team on the Path to Success

Gain key insights and expedite your case to mitigate risk and reduce costs

Get on your way to a better way with our strategic discovery specialists


Work smarter, not harder. Put our discovery experts on your side and start streamlining your case management. You’ll save time and money, which means better results for your clients and your bottom line. Call us today at (877) 351-3282 to talk with one of our discovery experts about your needs.

Security Assessments

Protect Your Sensitive Data with the Most Advanced Tools Available

Breakthrough technologies and world-leading experts on your side

Wordplace Incident Reporting

Advanced Digital Investigation Services Provide Answers Quickly

Resolve disputes and get concrete answers about workplace incidents

Targeted Penetration Testing Solutions

Discover System Vulnerabilities with Targeted Penetration Testing

Protect your important data by learning what hackers already know

Security Program Development

Drive Out Security Vulnerabilities with a Custom Designed Program

Improve the resilience of your infrastructure and protect your data

Litigation Support Software

Take Control of Your Discovery with Our Flexible, Affordable Software

Advanced technology helps you streamline your workflow, get to review faster

InControl Crawler

Advanced Enterprise Network Search Platform Puts You in Control

Disruptive technology built for local or remote access to all your data

Advanced eDiscovery Technology

Advanced Technology Changes the Way You Handle Discovery

Intuitive. Comprehensive. Adaptable


eDiscovery Experts Working with Advanced Technology to Get the Data You Need

Save Time and Create Winning Strategies