eDiscovery at Large Law Firms

Business is a global endeavor these days, and large law firms need to help their corporate clients with an eDiscovery and investigation solution that can anticipate and address the unique requirements of discovery across borders and continents.

Global Availability
Reveal - ediscovery for Industry

Reveal Data handles data spanning the entire EDRM and uses highly sophisticated technology to reduce volumes of files involved in litigation and investigations, allowing large law firms to adapt to the growing and changing needs of their corporate clients.

Law firms increase productivity because Reveal Data simplifies the discovery process. Its design minimizes clicks and keystrokes and simplifies the very complex workflows found in eDiscovery. Its familiar interface and intuitive design make the platform easy to use.

Law firms are under pressure from corporate clients to reign in costs, and Reveal Data gives you greater control with subscription-based pricing. Reveal Data offers all the infrastructure, software and services. Law firms gain a predictable monthly budget. For firms that need flexibility, Reveal offers transactional pricing.

Reveal Data is ready to scale in an instant and maintains data privacy protocols for every region.

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