Search History

This article contains information about search history and its uses.

Non-Audio Video Tutorial

Reveal tracks all searches, and keeps them available labeled with the Search date and time under Search History at the right side of the Search bar. 29 - 01 - Search History open-1

Searches are listed from the most recent down to the earliest in the project in pages of ten items each. To see the details of any search, click on the > arrow at the left of the item. 29 - 02 - Search History item detail-1

The search may be re-run using the play button to its right. Once the search plays (and its re-play is added to the search history) it may be saved as-is, or extended using Search Builder and saved to a search folder as edited. The original search that was run will remain in Search History.  29 - 03 - Search History re-play options

The search may also be added to an existing search:

29 - 02a - Search History item - add to search

  • With a search open in the Search Builder, open Search History.
  • Select the search to use.
  • Use the spyglass button to add the search term to the current search. 
    29 - 04 - Search History added to Search Builder


Last Updated 12/18/2023