Reveal 11.0 Release Notes

Overview of features included in Reveal 11.0

Release Notes – Reveal 11.0 GA (Release Date: 09/06/2022)



Release Number


New Reveal landing page that includes interactive data visualizations that allow users to quickly filter data based on time, people, and predictive scores as well as other types of metadata.


Concept Search

Patented search technology that expands search term queries to reveal related concepts and retrieves conceptually related documents ranked by relevance or contextual distance.


Brain Explorer

Interactive data visualization that allows users to explore the connections between concept search terms and their related concepts.


Supervised Learning

Integrated supervised learning workflows that allow users to use predictive score to prioritize review, and to build custom AI models or leverage existing models from Reveal’s AI Model Library. Users can leverage new charts and statistics to evaluate the results of the AI Model training process.



The new Reveal Query Language (RQL) enables users to construct powerful and complex queries that can search across both metadata and text.


AI Batches

New document batching technology that allows the system to select the best documents for supervised learning, which will help reduce the overall time required to prioritize important documents using predictive scores.


Cluster Wheel

Interactive data visualization built using unsupervised machine learning that organizes large amounts of unstructured data into topics, allowing users to quickly explore and analyze topics of interest.


Coding Rules

Allows administrators to create and test complex coding rules for tagging documents, Rules can be designed to support complex review workflows.


Coding Panel

Improved ability for administrators to create complex tagging workflows with visual cues and prompts.


Review Reporting & Metrics

Create custom reports and dashboards to analyze review productivity, accuracy, and progress.


Term Lists

Enhanced keyword search that allows users to quickly search and evaluate multiple terms, including search hits for each term in the list. Users can make real-time modifications to search terms and review the impact of those changes on the search hit results before launching the actual search.


Review Navigation

Improved general performance and navigation within the user interface, improving speed to insights.


Review Management

Enhanced administrative capabilities such as batching and tracking progress of a review project.



Additional options when creating custom slip sheets for excluded documents from the production set.



Last Updated 10/24/2022