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This article contains information about filtering searches with metadata.

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Part of Reveal's search capability is filtering on metadata. The categories of Formats and People are available in the Sidebar. Some metadata, such as selectable Dates, Document Types and Custodians, may be selected from the Dashboard Graph. All fields may be added to a search under +Add Condition > Fields in Advanced Search.

Starting with keyword search, we will set out the ways that metadata may be used as filters in Reveal.

Start with a keyword search, for example, the term raptor.27 - 01 - Format Filter select-1-1

In this illustration, you can see the keyword "pill" in the Search Box, and the search results reflected in the Dashboard graphs below. Under Filters in the Sidebar, we have opened the Formats item, which now displays the top five document types (as expressed by their common Windows file extensions) and the number of each type of document in the search result. We will talk about using the More... link to open a Format selection window below.

All items in the Sidebar, including the Filter selections under Formats, are added to the search by clicking on the item, one at a time; each creates a new "pill" in the search. Here is the result of adding the xls format to the search: 27 - 02 - Format Filter result-1-1

A few notes on the changes to the Dashboard screen:

  1. The filter pill Extension: xls is added in the Search Box after the original keyword.
  2. The Timeline changes to No data to display because the date value currently selected, Date Sent, is only present in emails, not in spreadsheets.
  3. The xls entry sits alone under FILTERS > Formats in the Sidebar, accounting for all 418 current search results.
  4. The Document Types graph also only displays xls as the only value chosen.
  5. The Results Pane at the right contains only spreadsheets.

Adding Multiple Filters of the Same Type

Selection of a single value under Formats also removes the More... option. We must clear that part of the search to restore the original top five plus More option. To remove the filter pill Extension: xls, click on the X at the right of the pill.

At the bottom of the Formats list, the More... option will now be visible. This option is available in all filters having more than five values, which in the current listing would be Formats, People and Tags.

27 - 03 - Format Filter - More

The option box, which under Formats is labeled Extension, opens with a multi-selectable list of items and their counts in the current search. You may elect to connect the selected items (if more than one) using AND or the default OR. 27 - 04 - Format Filter Modal selections

This pop-up box also can Export the list to CSV (icon to the right of AND<->OR) or Quick Search... the list for values. Click Add To Search when selections are complete. Here is what the above selections look like in Advanced Search: 27 - 05 - Format Filter Modal selections in Advanced Search

Closing Advanced Search and returning to the Dashboard, here is how the current search (which includes the keyword raptor and the filtering extensions xls OR doc OR pdf) is displayed:

27 - 06 - Format Multi-Filter result-1-1

Note that we have corrected the Timeline graph to display the Master Date value. Note too that now the three selected extensions are displayed in both FILTERS > Formats in the Sidebar and the Document Types graph.

Adding Other Metadata Filters

Further filters may be applied from several locations.

  1. Filters: Values from People or Tags may be added, in addition to Deduplication and selections from other non-metadata sections of the Sidebar. 
  2. Advanced Search: The search may be viewed and manipulated in Advanced Search, including updates using +Add Condition. The Fields section under Add Condition lists all fields for selection as metadata filters.
    1. Here we will select Custodian ... 27 - 07 - Format Multi-Filter Add Field Condition
    2. ...and select an operator (Is Like, Is, Has) and enter a value in the field's pop-up box. 27 - 08 - Format Multi-Filter Add Custodian dialog
    3. This adds AND Custodian: skilling to the second (Format metadata) clause of the search. 27 - 09 - Format Multi-Filter AND Custodian Advanced Search
    4. The AND may be toggled to an OR with a click, and items may be repositioned within the current pill by clicking and dragging the handles at left, but adding the Custodian clause only to the Extensions collectively AND the original keyword results in 526 documents
  3. Custodian Graph: If the intention is to set the entire expression AND Custodian: skilling then clicking the skilling graph line will add that pill to the search as a top-level AND clause, which changes the result to 38 documents retrieved.27 - 10 - Format Multi-Filter AND Custodian from Graph


Last Updated 9/26/2022