How to Run OCR

This article provides both visual and written instructions for making document images searchable.


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OCR - The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function allows the user to generate text from document images. To Bulk OCR documents, choose the document or documents you want to OCR, add a job name to track the job if desired, choose your image set, and destination text set and then click Submit

NOTE: Review OCR only supports English. You can OCR other languages in Processing. See Reveal Processing User Guide APPENDIX I --- Supported Languages for OCR. This limitation does not affect the translation of native files and native file extractions.

  1. Click OCR on the Grid Toolbar.

  2. Act On - Choose Selected documents (if relevant) or All documents in results list. 96 - 12 - OCR Settings

  3. OCR Settings - 

    1. Job Name - The job name will enable monitoring of the status of the job under Jobs Management > OCR.

    2. Image Set - You can choose to use images from any image set, including original images. 

    3. Generate Missing Images - If there are no images generated in the original image set, these images can be generated as part of the OCR job.

    4. Imaging Template - Specifies how the images have been rendered to assist in character recognition.

    5. Text Set - The generated text can be stored into any existing text set as selected here, or optionally you may create a new Text Set by selecting +Create new without having to leave this screen. For example, instead of mixing this OCR set in with OCR / Loaded you may wish to create a Text Set called OCR Added or, where the OCR might be of redacted images, OCR / Redacted.

    6. Overwrite Existing Text - You may choose to overwrite text that already exists in the text set, or to OCR those documents without text in the destination text set.

  4. Click Submit to run.

  5. Results will be displayed in the OCR table on the Jobs Management screen.

    1. Click Admin to select the Project Admin screen. 
      01 - 01 - Admin Button
    2. Click the menu in the upper left corner of the window to open the Flyout Menu.
      95 - 01 - Flyout Menu (Jobs)
    3. Click Jobs to open the menu.
    4. Under Jobs, click OCR.


Last Updated 8/19/2022