How to Create Image Labels (Image Labeling)

This article provides both visual and written instructions for identifying and labeling image content.

Video Tutorial

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Reveal Review uses AI capabilities to provide labels for object detection and image classification. This provides a great time and cost saving in the review and analysis of non-textual image content by labeling objects identified in each image. Supported file types are JPG and PNG.

Images are classified into an Image Labels field, and each label is assigned weighted confidence in a series of Image Labels Over nn fields and Image Labels Under nn fields that allow the confidence of a label classification to be queried and assessed. Where image labels exist they are displayed at the bottom of the coding pane of the document review screen with a summary confidence score. 39 - 01 - Image Label Review Screen

These values are assigned during processing, but custom labeling may be added during review:

  1. In the project Review Grid toolbar click the Label tool. 39 - 02 - Image Labeling
  2.  Choose between all currently retrieved Documents or manually selected documents.
  3. Decide whether to Overwrite existing labels - this is generally not recommended.
  4. A Job name should be supplied to track the progress and result
  5.  Results will be displayed in the Image Label table on the Jobs Management screen. 
    1.  Click Admin to select the Project Admin screen. 
      01 - 01 - Admin Button
    2.  Click the menu in the upper left corner of the window to open the Flyout Menu. 
      95 - 01 - Flyout Menu (Jobs)
    3. Click Jobs to open the menu. 


Last Updated 10/20/2022