How to Create an AI Model

This article provides written instructions for creating a Classifier to produce an AI model and document Predictive Scores

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With Reveal’s supervised learning technology, you can easily and quickly train Classifiers to produce predictive scores for each document in your project. Those scores can then be used to prioritize documents for attorney review. “Classifiers” are the objects used to manage the machine learning process. Classifiers also output “AI Models” which are basically the encapsulation of the machine learning work product that resulted from the Classifier training process. These AI Models can be reused on other projects to quickly prioritize documents without all the work involved with training a Classifier from scratch.

To create a Classifier you must first create an AI Tag.

Please see How to Create and Manage Tags for more information.

When you create the AI Tag, Reveal will automatically create a new Classifier to train the machine on how to score documents (score between 0 and 100). After your new Classifier is created, you can begin training your new Classifier by creating AI-Driven Batches.

Please see How to Create AI-Driven Batches for more information.

As you train your new Classifier, Reveal will create an AI Model that's associated to your Classifier. This AI Model will generate predictive scores for each document in your project. After each training round, you can use various tools within the Supervised Learning tab to evaluate the Classifier training progress.

Please see AI Model Building Workflow for more information.


Last Updated 10/26/2022