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InControl Crawler Enterprise Search Platform

Advanced Enterprise Search Platform Puts You in Control


Disruptive technology built for local or remote access to all your data


InControl Crawler is an innovative enterprise search platform that gives you the flexibility to find the data you need when you need it, wherever you are. This advanced network search solution lets you search quickly and easily across large data repositories, both locally and remotely. Our comprehensive platform works for businesses of every size and type that traffic in large volumes of data, helping you to get organized, find documents fast, create comprehensive reports, and preserve unstructured user-created data for litigation holds and more.


Powerful indexing solutions create user-friendly searches and organization


InControl Crawler is a sophisticated platform that quickly crawls and indexes all the data you need and turns it into a searchable database. Once initiated, InControl Crawler indexes the text and metadata in all the files contained within an identified area of your data set, based on the targeting options you select. It then creates a searchable database that contains links to each indexed file. You can quickly find whatever information you need, which will streamline your workflow and minimize costly errors.


Flexible search queries give you control of your data


Use Boolean search terms to pinpoint data, or search by pattern, proximity, regular expression and more. Search for simple or deep metadata or full text content. You can even search by times that data was accessed or modified, file types or extensions, hosts, locations, owners, size of the document, and more. Automated queries can be schedule for regular culling.


You control the way you look for data so that you get exactly what you need for your investigation. Query hit reports are available to help you narrow your final search criteria.


Authoritative reports expedite processing and review


Export data in a forensic manner for final processing and review. You can create hard copies of your data reports, or you can import them directly into the InControl Processing and Review platform to expedite this process. InControl will extrapolate insights from the data reports to help you make connections faster and to seize on the most important information for your litigation or investigation.


A unified experience with cloud elasticity


InControl Crawler is utilized through an installation of an indexing appliance that attaches locally to your network. It can be configured to be accessed either locally or remotely, giving you the flexibility to search your database both in the office and in the field.


Reveal Data maintains a private AWS cloud environment that can host our discovery and data solution. The cloud can also be used as a backup for your local data platform, which gives you a hybrid option to use in conjunction with your own server.


Take control of your data with our sophisticated enterprise level solutions


Become part of the global business community that is taking advantage of innovative technology to take control of enterprise level data. Call Reveal Data today at (877) 351-3282 to see a detailed demonstration of how InControl Crawler works in action and learn what it can do for your business.

Cases Are Won In Discovery – Use Every Advantage

While this is not a new observation, it takes on a new meaning when dealing with eDiscovery. InControl puts you in control of your data.

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