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InControl™ helps you make informed decisions with litigation, investigations, compliance and business data solutions.
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Incontrol Accelerated Review

Fast Data with Fully Integrated Analytics for Effortless Discovery


Work Smarter, Not Harder. Move From Data to Decisions Faster


Reveal Data provides the advanced intelligence solutions you need to maximize efforts during discovery and investigation. InControl’s fully integrated analytics can be used at any point in your workflow, on any project, to help you identify patterns in your data, glean critical insights, and to focus your efforts to get to review faster. Our analytics empower your team to create the best strategy for success and close your investigation faster.


Make actionable insights with our advanced intelligence


When you start the discovery process, you are looking at a mountain of data that can seem confusing and overwhelming. InControl helps you cut through the noise and get the important information fast, helping you to make connections and focus on the essential details of the case.


The fully integrated analytics from InControl allows you to:


  • aEliminate irrelevant data. Save time and focus on what matters by getting rid of irrelevant data. The system includes tools to filter and analyze the information to identify the most important documents.
  • aOrganize and prioritize. Sort the data to group information by conversations, concepts, dates and more. You can quickly prioritize the documents you need the most.
  • aMake connections. Find the patterns in your data to uncover trends, critical concepts, and evidence. InControl helps you visualize the data to make those connections.
  • aGet to review faster. Our technology-assisted review learns your decisions to sort through the remaining documents faster.


Our visual analytics allow you to make maps and data clusters to get an image of the patterns in the data as they emerge. Visual analytics tools allow you to:


  • Create a concept map. A concept map can group together similar documents or can group similar metadata or other coding field.
  • See intersections with overlays. Create data clusters and then overlay them with metadata or other coding information to find out where patterns overlap or where there are gaps in your data.
  • Put email threads in perspective. A visual map of email conversations can help you put the thread in perspective to better understand its scope and to gain insights into the details.

InControl’s analytics are backed by defensible statistics, providing full transparency to help you understand how every document fits into the larger picture. Use the toolkit at any stage of discovery to deepen your understanding of the case or find new angles for your strategy.


Our flexible platform puts you in control of the discovery process


Use analytics at any time during the discovery process to get the insights you need to accelerate your work flow and fine-tune your strategy. Tools like document clustering, email threading and near dupe detection are included at no extra charge, while more robust tools are available for use on any data set. Use multiple features at once while you are sorting and analyzing the data, or just use the tools you need for a specific case.


InControl can be hosted on a local server or in a secure cloud-based environment. Reveal Data utilizes the most advanced security tools to keep your data safe behind your firewall or ours. You can connect to your database anytime, anywhere you are. The platform is cross-browser compatible, and our support specialists are available around the clock to help you troubleshoot any issues. InControl offers comprehensive solutions in one flexible platform, giving you the ultimate control over your data.


Powerful tools to transform the way you manage discovery


InControl is a disruptive technology that will change the way you do business. Intelligent analytics, advanced data processing, and a flexible platform – you get it all. Call us today at (877) 351-3282 to schedule a demonstration to see InControl in action and learn how it can help your team start getting results.

Cases Are Won In Discovery – Use Every Advantage

While this is not a new observation, it takes on a new meaning when dealing with eDiscovery. InControl puts you in control of your data.

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